by: Jack Bratcher

We’ve heard all the rumors and the so-called “mistranslations” but it doesn’t seem to get any more clear than this new interview with Anderson Silva where he says he will retire once his current contract with the UFC is up.  He has six fights on his contract until June of 2009.  Silva says, “everything has it’s time and I believe my time is already over.”

When asked if it had anything to do with the salary he makes from the UFC he assures us it has nothing to do with that and that he has never fought for the money.  The reporter tells Silva that he is sad to hear this and Silva tells him not to be sad because he will be sitting at the side of the Octagon with a fat belly eating popcorn cheering on the fighters.

Joe Rogan once said that Anderson Silva embodies the true spirit of martial arts and Buddha.  It really is true.  I cannot think of a man that is more humble and egoless than the UFC Middleweight Champion of the World.  He said after 2009 you will not so much as see him “pinching a fly.”

If I had to guess what will become of Silva after his professional MMA fight career is over, I can see him years from now sitting under a Bodhi Tree in a small village somewhere blessing the saddhus who come to him for spiritual guidance. He truly is a remarkable human being.

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