Sports Action Network and iBN Sports Present
15 Years of PANCRASE on Pay-Per-View
90 minutes of non-stop fight footage!

San Diego California – October 15, 2008 – Sports Action Network (SAN), a next generation online streaming network, has reached an agreement with iBN Sports to broadcast the 15 year Anniversary of PANCRASE video on demand (VOD) pay-per-view. This historical project encompasses all of the past and present glory of the PANCRASE organization, featuring 90 minutes of nonstop fight action, highlighting the best moments in over 130 PANCRASE battles.

“We are extremely excited about our agreement with iBM Sports to broadcast the 15 Year Anniversary of PANCRASE video on pay-per view. It enables us to make this exciting piece of MMA history available to mixed martial arts fans worldwide.” states George Boley, Production Manager or SAN

PANCRASE was founded in Japan in 1993 by Masakatsu Funaki and Minoru Suzuki and is one of the longest running mixed martial arts (MMA) promotions in the world. The first PANCRASE event was held two days before UFC-1 was presented here in the United States. Many of MMA’s legends and current heroes got their start in PANCRASE. Fighters such as Bas Rutten, Ken Shamrock, Frank Shamrock, Josh Barnett, Guy Mezger, Nate Marquadt, Evan Tanner, Chris Lytle, Allan Goes, David Terrell and many more are showcased in this one high quality perspective. This MMA masterpiece is narrated by the current King of PANCRASE, and former UFC Heavy Weight Champion, Josh Barnett.

Josh had this to say in one of his recent My Space blog entries, “I recently finished up voiceover work for the PANCRASE 15 year anniversary video which will be distributed in the U.S. by SAN (Sports Action Network). George Boley and the guys at SAN have made available an awesome collection that looks into the fights and history that made PANCRASE. I did my best to also add my personal insight and background info as well, to give everyone access to some of the stories around the fights.”

According to the Sports Action Network team, the objective of this tribute is not only to pay homage to PANCRASE, but to honor some of the world’s elite champions that will forever be a part of the prestigious mixed martial arts organization. Despite its historical significance, this VOD feature is not a documentary. It is a monumental compilation of MMA fight footage that pays tribute to the great fighters of PANCRASE.

The release date and additional details will be announced soon. For further information on the 15 Year Anniversary of PANCRASE please visit or e-mail the Programming Director George Boley at [email protected] .

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