UFC veterans Josh Haynes and Sean Salmon met tonight at the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas at “A Night of Combat II”.

Salmon was a late replacement for Steve Byrnes. This was one of the most anticipated fights on the card due to the style match-ups and it turned out to be a great showing by both fighters.

Haynes showed marked improvement since his TUF days and his time with Xtreme Couture is clearly paying off.  Salmon showed great heart and displayed some of the top-level wrestling he is known for.

You will be able to watch this fight and the entire Night of Combat card Saturday Oct.18 on HDNet. Until then here are the night’s results and how the action went down:

Josh Haynes vs. Sean Salmon
Rd.1 – Josh Haynes lands a couple of big shots right off the bat that rocks Salmon. Salmon regains his composure. The fighters clinch up and Salmon throws some knees. The fighters separate and Haynes throws a huge shot that drops Salmon. Salmon is looking winded but secures a takedown. Salmon throws on some ground and pound then appears to try and rest a bit until the ref stands them up. Salmon lands a knee as the bell sounds.
Rd.2 – Haynes throws a powerful right hand that drops Salmon. But Salmon is able to get back to his feet. Salmon then throws Haynes to the ground however, Haynes grabs Salmon’s leg, puts on an achilles lock and forces Salmon to tap. Josh Haynes defeats Sean Salmon by submission in round 2. Be sure to read our exclusive interview with Sean Salmon when we spoke to him just 24 hours prior to this match.

Jay Hieron

Elena Reid vs. Stephanie Palmer
Rd.1 – As soon as the fight starts Palmer shoots in for a takedown, but “Baby Doll” Reid sprawls and stops Palmer in her tracks.  The ladies clinch up and Reid works in some nice dirty boxing.  A huge left hand lands on Palmer’s pretty cheek and she falls to the canvas.  That’s it.  Ref calls a halt to the action at fifty-two seconds of round one.  Elenda “Baby Doll” Reid defeats Stephanie Palmer by TKO due to strikes in round 1. Another great female fight brings to mind Kelly Kobold’s recent statement before her fight with Gina Carano, “I want to break something beautiful.”

Brian Gassaway vs. Mike Pyle
Rd.1 – Pyle gets a takedown but the fight is restarted on the feet and he secures another takedown. Pyle gets full mount and starts laying on some heavy strikes. As Gassaway puts his arm up to block the strkes, Pyle quickly grabs it and transitions to armbar causing Gassaway to tap out. Mike Pyle defeats Brian Gassaway by armbar submission in round 1.

Hector Ramirez vs. Rick Roufus
Rd.1 – Roufus with a spinning back fist lands solid. Roufus landing some shots but Ramirez shoots in and gets the takedown near the end of the round.
Rd.2 – Roufus with a left followed by a body kick from Ramirez. Ramirez gets Roufus to the ground, gets full mount and goes for a kimura but unsuccessful. Ramirez maintains control until the bell sounds.
Rd.3 – Body kick by Roufus followed by another. Ramirez scores another takedown however Roufus is able to get right up but eats some knees for his trouble and is put right back down. Ramirez puts some knees to the ribs of Roufus while in side control. Good ground and pound from Ramirez until the round ends. Hector Ramirez defeats Rick Roufus by unanimous decision.


Ryan Hass defeats Ian Omalza (135) by armbar submission rd.1

Elena “Baby Doll” Reid defeats Stephanie Palmer (115) by TKO due to strikes rd.1

Patrick “Kui” Gonzalves defeats Shawn David (145) by kimura submission rd.2

Johnathan “J J” Mix defeats John Halverson (155) by TKO due to strikes rd.1

Josh “Bring The Pain” Haynes defeats Sean Salmon (185) by achilles lock submission rd.2

John “The Natural” Alessio defeats Gideon Ray (167) by TKO due to strikes rd.1

Mike “Quicksand” Pyle defeats Brian Gassaway (170) by armbar submission rd.1

Jay “The Thorobred” Hieron defeats Chris Kennedy (170) by unanimous decision

Hector “Sick Dog” Ramirez defeats Rick “The Jet” Roufus (205) by unanimous decision

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