Tokuaki Ninomiya

ZST SWAT21! took place on Oct. 5 at the Gold’s Gym South Tokyo Annex, Tokyo Japan.

ZST bouts are not judged, therefore, any fight that goes the distance is automatically ruled a draw.

ZST is a local Tokyo MMA organization that has been holding regular events since 2002.

The results for the fights are as follows:

Tokuaki Ninomiya defeats Hiroyuki Naito via KO(knee) in Rd. 1

Shigeru Naruse and Makoto Hikita fought to a Draw

Masaya Doi and Kazuto Nakamura fought to a Draw

Shinya Kurosawa defeats Kota Higashitani via Triangle Choke in Rd. 1

Toshihiro Shimizu defeats Tetsuya Fusanovia RNC in Rd. 1

Shingo Matsuda and Takaichi Hirayama was ruled a No Contest(accidental low blow)

Ichiro Kojima defeats Kendo Koda via RNC in Rd. 1

Kohei Kuraoka defeats Yoshitaka Abe via RNC in Rd. 1

Shunichi Shimizu defeats Tetsuya Nishi via Armbar in Rd 2

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