Urijah Faber – unseen reality show footage

Urijah Faber is not only the WEC Featherweight Champion, he is arguably the best 145 lb. fighter in the world. That fact alone makes him a worthwhile subject of a new reality series that will showcase the life of this remarkable athlete. The new series will feature and inside look into the lives and training of Faber, his gym, and the fighters that live together in four different houses on the same block.

I spoke with the producer today and the things he told me we will see on this series will literally blow your mind. This video will give you an idea of what the new series will be about and is part of the actual footage used to pitch the show to the networks. Stay tuned to PRO MMA for more unseen footage and inside information on the upcoming Urijah Faber reality show.

Here’s all four volumes of the unseen and previously unreleased video footage. Be sure to watch volume three (while it lasts) as it is supposed to have some “special action.”

4 thoughts on “Urijah Faber – unseen reality show footage”

  1. I dnt care thats wut makes a true fighter even better takin a loss now and then. HE WILL BE BACK, STRONGER AND BETTER THAN EVER!!!!!!!! THIS IS JUST A VACATION FOR HIM HE NEEDED ONE!!!!! URIJAH IS ONE OF A KIND AND STILL UNDEFEATED!!!!

  2. urijah u r now and will always be pure of heart and the #1 145 pounder of the world. those guys in bali should take u on 1 by 1 then they wouln’t be cowards.rock on my little brother peace

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