Maximum Fighting Championship – MFC 18: FAMOUS results

Event Date: 09-26-2008 – 06:00 PM – 09:00 PM PST
Organization: Maximum Fighting Championship
Event Title: MFC 18: Famous
Event Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Maximum Fighting Championship returns to the River Cree Casino and Resort for MFC 18.

Emanuel Newton defeats David Heath – 4:42 Round 2, rear-naked choke
Ryan Ford defeats LaVerne Clark – 2:30 Round 2, guillotine choke
Jay Whitford defeats Aron Lofton – 3:11 Round 2, head-arm triangle choke
Simon Marini defeats Gerald Lovato – Unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
Ryan Machan defeats Gavin Neil – 2:37 Round 1, rear-naked choke
Chris Camozzi defeats Elliot Duff – Unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
Evan Sanguin defeats Troy Sorenson – 2:04 Round 3, Knockout
Josh Russell defeats Mike Gates – Unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
Jesse Clarke defeats Jason Zorthian – 2:44 Round 1, TKO
Sheldon Westcott defeats Jeff Kisilowsky – 3:33 Round 1, guillotine choke

2 thoughts on “Maximum Fighting Championship – MFC 18: FAMOUS results”

  1. Greetings,

    I’m a recent subscriber to Bell cable and was thrilled to find that The Fight Network was one of my chanel. I’ve been watching this channel every day since installation in September. Today is December 5 2008 and like usual, I tuned into this channel.

    I have to tell you that I was completelt offended by a comment one of the announcer made after a fight between a caucasian fighter and a native fighter. The Native fight one the fight in the first round by arm bar submission. When he got up, he did a native dance. The defeated fighter shoved him knocking him to the floor. This was after the fight was over. I have seen many fighter do a dance of sorts after a quick victory. What I found offensive is that the announcer said that it was disrespectful for the victor, the Native fighter to do a war dance. He said nothing of the poor sportsman ship of the defeated fight. War dance? How would that announcer know what type of “dance” was done.
    It is not because of his Native back ground that this dance was A war dance. For the record, the “war dance” is done before the the fight. If anything, this was a dance of victory. What’s wrong with that?
    This told me that that announcer needs to keep his “personal” views about people out of his work. Stick to his professional views.

    How fighters have you seen do a dance of sorts after a quick victory?

    It should not be labelled as a war dance just because the “dancer” is Native.

    Thank you for you time in reading this. I will continue watching this station.

    PS: I apologise for being able to provide you with the names of the 2 fighters involved. The show fight aired in Montreal, Quebec, Canada on Friday December 05, 2008 at 21h00 hrs Montreal time. The fighters in the next bout were Ryan Ford(victor) and Erin Gallant.

    PSS: Seasons Greetings!

  2. Sorry about that Russell. I did not get a chance to see it but sounds pretty ridiculous. The Fight Network is a great channel though. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

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