Nate Diaz Continues To Impress

By: Kelvin Hunt

Going into this fight with Josh Neer, Nate Diaz had 4 wins in the UFC…all of them coming by submission.  Josh Neer a veteran of the UFC is a very well rounded fighter, and I thought would pose some interesting problems for Diaz.  Actually, I picked Neer to win because prior to last night Diaz had been relying solely on his BJJ pedigree to win fights.  I knew that wouldn’t work against a fighter like Neer.  However, last night Diaz finally showed other dimensions of his game.  He fought eerily similar to his brother Nick, in that he used good boxing skills, good transitions, and a high pace to get the win.

Nate Diaz has the potential to be a star in the UFC.  He is golden on the microphone in that he just gets so’s pretty hilarious actually.  The great thing about the kid is that he hasn’t asked for any easy matches thus far.  It’ll be interesting to see who Joe Silva decides to match him up against next.  Diaz has constantly stated that he wants to fight the best competition.  I think a great fight for Diaz would be a re-match against former #1 contender Hermes Franca.  Diaz was submitted by Franca back in 2006 at WEC 24 via armbar, but gave Franca all he could handle.  A win against Franca would continue to catapult him up the LW ladder.  However, Franca is scheduled to fight at UFC 90 in Chicago.  If he doesn’t face Franca, he could also face the likes of Clay Guida, Spencer Fisher, or Roger Huerta at some point.  Who would you like to see Diaz face next?

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