UFC – Fight Night 15 live results & play-by-play

Houston Alexander vs. Eric Schafer (LHW)
Houston really needs a good showing this fight. It would be nice to see him get out of round one. It would also be nice to see him put on a good performance for his home crowd here in Omaha, Nebraska. The crowd goes nuts for Houston.
Rd.1 – Houston comes out like a hurricane. Big knees to the head of Schafer as he tries for a takedown. Schafer goes for a takedown again. Houston with a couple of leg kicks. Schafer wants none of the stand up. Clinched. Knees from Houston. Schafer shoots again. Finally he gets Alexander down and moves to side control. Houston is caught in the crucifix but Houston gets up then gets caught in a guillotine. He pops out but now gets mounted. Schafer in full mount. Eating elbows. Alexander taking a ton of punishment. Schafer wins by arm triangle with one fucking second left. One fucking second. Very sad for Alexander’s hometown crowd. Schafer dedicates his win to Evan Tanner, his hero.

Ed Herman vs. Alan Belcher (MW)
This should be a great fight. I really like both of these guys. They are both very talented and dangerous.
Rd.1 – Both come out swinging. Leg kick by Belcher. Left hand by Belcher. Leg kick by Belcher connect hard. Knees from Belcher in the clinch. Good punches from Herman. Left jab by Belcher. Uppercut by Herman. Herman gets the takedown after setting it up with some elbows. Herman goes for a Darce Choke. Belcher gets up. Herman takes him back down.
Rd.2 – Right hand by Belcher. Big left hook by Belcher rocks Herman. Another left and another. Another. Right hand by Herman. Big right hand by Herman. Big right hand by Belcher knocks Herman against the cage and then Belcher clinches up. Elbow by Belcher. Right hand by Herman. Great fight. Left jab by Belcher. Big right leg kick by Belcher. Herman catches Belcher’s kick and takes him down. Elbows from half-guard. Herman clearly has the advantage on the ground. Belcher is back up. Belcher throws a Superman punch but misses.
Rd.3 – Right hand by Herman. Left jabs by Belcher. Leg kick by Belcher. Herman goes for a takedown and finally gets it. Herman in half guard. Elbows by Herman Ground and pound from Herman. Belcher is up. Head kick followed by a right by Belcher. Left and right by Herman. Herman gets another takedown. Full mount by Herman. Punches by Herman from mount. Great finish by Ed Herman. I give that fight to Herman but it’s close. Wow. Alan Belcher wins by split decision.

Clay Guida vs. Mac Danzig (LW)
This is Danzig’s toughest opponent to date within the UFC, if not ever.
Rd.1 – Danzig throws some combos that are blocked. Leg kick by Guida. Another one. Left hand by Danzig. Big right hand by Danzig. Leg kick by Danzig. Big takedown by Guida after eating a few punches. Danzig looking for a kimura. Guida puts him against the cage. Danzig is up. Knee by Guida then a big slam by Guida. Danzig gets up and gets slammed again. Guida on top. Danzig gets back to his feet but still pressed against the cage and clinched up by Guida.
Rd.2 – Guida comes out with a leg kick. Right hand by Danzig followed by a kick to the head. Guida goes for a takedown. No dice. Trading jabs. Guida with the takedown. Danzig back up. Guida is pushing a very rigorous pace. Right hand by Danzig. Knee by Danzig. Guida grabs the leg. Guida has Danzig’s back and suplexes him. Guida looking for choke, Danzig twists and Guida moves to half guard.
Rd.3 – Leg kick Guida. Danzig throws a front kick and Guida goes underneath for a takedown but Danzig fights it off. Knee by Guida. Danzig gets a takedown. Danzig going for a kimura but he gets out and now has Danzig’s back. Big knees by Guida. Clinched. Danzig breathing very heavy. Guida has his back again. Knees by Guida. Takedown by Guida. Knees by Guida. Guida’s wrestling has really been the deciding factor in this fight. Knees by Guida. Guida with a florry of punches from the top. Wow. Guida as always looked very impressive. The guy is a maniac. That’s the only way I know how to say it. I’m sure he got a unanimous decision. That’s my guess. Yep. Unanimous for Guida. Mac Danzig will bounce back. He’s got a ton of talent and will go far.

UFC Fight For The Troops (fallenheroes.org) on Dec.10

Jens Pulver is in Josh Neer’s corner. Neer lost to Nick Diaz, Nate’s brother in the UFC many moons ago. Neer has only been finished once in 31 fights.
Nate Diaz vs. Josh Neer (LW)
Rd.1 – Leg kick by Neer. Knee by Nate. Neer takes him to the ground. Neer has Nate’s back and throws him down. Nate with underhooks. Left hand by Neer. Pawing right jab by Nate. Big combo punches by Nate. Judo throw by Nate right to side control. Beautiful throw. Right hand by Nate. Big right by Nate. Awesome transitions and scramble on the ground with Nate on top.
Rd.2 – Nate comes in swinging. Knee by Diaz. Clinched. Takedown by Diaz. Neer with a takedown. Neer has Nate’s back and going for a rear naked but Nte is out. Right hand by Neer. Right hand by Diaz from the bottom. Up kick by Diaz. Elbows by Neer. Nate is up. Combo punches from Diaz. Big left by Diaz as the bell sounds. I have no idea who’s winning but I would guess Diaz.
Rd.3 – Nate comes out swinging. Front kick by Neer. Nate looking for the takedown. Neer has his back while standing. But Nate turns and gets the takedown. Elbow from the bottom by Neer. Neer stands but Nate gets his back with both hooks in. Full mount by Diaz. Big left by Diaz to the laid down Neer. Judo throw by Diaz. Side control by Diaz. Great technical fight. Very good stuff and I do believe Nate Diaz secured the decision victory. Probably unanimous. Nate Diaz wins by split decision. I totally agree. Nate Diaz says, “Someone better fight my brother for the title and stop being a weak ass punk.” Of course he’s talking about KJ Noons who has been criticized recently for supposedly “ducking” Nick Diaz.