In this new exclusive video interview by the MMA Analyst, Shogun talks about his recovery from injury, his new training facility and his departure from Chute Box. Shogun also talks about his brother, Murillo “Ninja” Rua, and how he thinks he would do in the UFC. He said that Murillo used to get beat up a lot in the streets and his parents encouraged him to learn to defend himself and this is how they got started with fighting. Shogun talks about his toughest and most important fights, cage vs. ring, and adjusting to the UFC rules.

Shogun says there is only one person he would never fight. Shogun thinks Forrest was the correct winner in his fight against Rampage. He lets us in on who he thinks is the top pound for pound fighter in the world and also who he thinks would win between Randy and Fedor. The MMA Analyst also asks Shogun some non-MMA topics that shed some light on Shogun the person and he’s very honest and funny in his assessment of the MMA Analyst’s interviewing skills.

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