Sengoku 4 results and play by play August 24, 2008

Valentijn Overeem-def.  Yoshiki Takahashi–KO (Flying Knee)——–1    2:42
Moise Rimbon—-def.  Peter Graham——Submission (RNC Sub.)—2    0:42
Yang Dong Yi—-def.  Pawel Nastula——TKO——————2    2:15
Mizuto Hirota—-def.  Ryan Schultz——-KO (Superman Punch)—-2    4:25
Kazunori Yokota–def.  Bojan Kosednar—–Decision (Unanimous)—-3    5:00
Eiji Mitsuoka—–def.  Rodrigo Damm—–Submission (RNC Sub.)—-1    3:13
Satoru Kitaoka—-def.  Clay French——-Submission (Achilles Lock)-1    0:31
Frank Trigg——def.  Makoto Takimoto—Decision (Unanimous)—-3    5:00
Takanori Gom—-def.   Seung Hwan Bang—Decision (Unanimous)—-3    5:00

Here’s the play-by-play for Trigg vs. Takimoto:

Round 1. Trigg comes out with a leg-kick. Takimoto gets the takedown. Takimoto in Trigg’s guard. Trigg gets up and looks like he is much better while standing (as expected). Takimoto pulls Trigg down and Trigg is in Takimoto’s guard. Sidecontrol for Trigg. He tries to mount but Takimoto turns and almost falls out of the ring. The ref stands them up, and Takimoto comes out swining. Nothing seems to hit Trigg who takes him down. Takimoto is able to get half guard. Round is finished, clearly in favor of Trigg.

Round 2. ROund has started. Trigg comes out with kicks, Takimoto with punches, wild start. Trigg takes Takimoto down and gets side control. T-ing off with knees then Trigg gets mount, but is pushed back to half guard then up in standing. Some heavy punches from Trigg on Takimoto who is trying upkicks (unsuccessfully). Takimoto gets up and hits with a good right, Trigg gets him to the ground, but Takimoto catches an arm and goes for a kimura. It is very close and Trigg is fighting to defend. Trigg gets out. and goes in Takimoto’s guard. The round is over. Close round to Takimoto.

Round 3. Trigg takes the fight to the ground. Takimoto has half guard. Trigg is trying anything to change position, but Takimoto defends well. Takimoto goes for a leg and gets the right one, but Trigg gets out and Takimoto has guard again. The ref stand them up and both fighters start swinging. No punches seem to do really damage until Takimoto hits with a left hook. Trigg struggles, but takes Takimoto down again. Takimto as half guard, the round finishes. Trigg gets the decision.

This play-by-play of Trigg vs. Takimoto comes courtesy of and you can read the play-by-play for each and every fight at their website.

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