by:  Jack Bratcher

The ShoXC card that took place in Friant, California at the Table Mountain Casino, aired live tonight on Showtime. Here’s the official PRO MMA play-by-play and results. It was a really good show; EliteXC and Showtime have much to be proud of with tonight’s fights. Here’s how things went down:

Keith Berry vs. Ray Lizama
Berry works with Robert Drysdale on his Jiu Jitsu at Xtreme Couture in Vegas.
Rd.1 – A right hand by Lizama staggers Berry. Then Lizama lands another less powerful shot then another right hand on the chin. Berry recovers nicely. Overhand right lands by Berry. Berry connects again. Berry looking for the plum. Big right hand puts Lizama to the mat. Berry jumps on his back and sinks in the choke. Lizama peels it off and Berry lets go. Berry lets him up. Big flurry from Lizama. Lizama lands a few hard shots that knocks out Berry’s mouthpiece. Berry still coming forward swinging for the fences. Lizama still landing a few here and there. Bell sounds.
Ref tries to put the mouthpiece back in the wrong fighter’s mouth. LOL This is a very good, very exciting fight. Truthfully, I was not expecting this much action.
Rd.2 – Right and left lands by Lizama. Berry comes back swinging big and lands a right that buckles Lizama’s legs for a moment. Lizama swinging back. Left hand by Lizama. Right hand by Lizama follwed by a flurry. Lizama is relentless with his punches;not stopping. Berry needs to get out of the way, but he’s swinging back. Berry won’t even get out of the pocket. Rather, he’s just swinging back and connecting now and then. Big body shot by Lizama and another and another. Three big body shots puts Berry down to the mat. Liver shot ala Bas Rutten baby! Holy crap that was a war! Man oh man. TKO win for Ray Lizama

Debi Purcell vs. Rosie Sexton
Rosie Sexton is from Manchester, England. Debi Purcell is 39 years old.
Rd.1 – They clinch up. Trying to fight for control. Sexton looking for a takedown but Purcell able to fend it off. Right hands to the body by Sexton. Knees to the thigh by Sexton. Uppercut by Sexton.
Rd. 2 -Big leg kick by Purcell. Sexton with the takedown, landing some punches while postured up. Purcell double leg kicks Sexton back a feww feet then stands up. Big leg kick by Purcell as Sexton goes for a Superwoman punch. That was LOUD. Takedown by Purcell.
Rd.3 – Spinning backfist by Purcell. Right hand by Purcell connects as Sexton flies in with the Superwoman punch. Big right leg kick smacks by Purcell. Sexton does a cartwheel pass and ends right in the traingle of Purcell. She escapes, stands up and is throwing punches from the standing position. Purcell grabs a leg as Sexton throws punches and the bell sounds. This will be a close one to call. These are both very tough women. Split Decision win for Rosie Sexton. Wow. That’s a surprsie.

Cyrille Diabate vs. Jaime Fletcher
Diabate has fought Shogun Rua in PRIDE.
Rd.1 – Diabate has the height advantage by quite a bit. Ten inches to be exact. Two leg kicks by Fletcher, make that three. How can these two weigh the same? Fletcher looking for a takedown. Superman punch by Fletcher but gets caught. Fletcher shoots in and pushes Diabate against the cage. Diabate stops the takedown. Big knee by Diabate, followed by a kick. Fletcher swings wild with a right that misses. Body kick by Diabate. Left hand by Diabate. Big left knee that hurt Fletcher. Front kick by Diabate. Leg Kick by Fletcher. Leg kicks by both, body kick by Fletcher. Diabate stalking; body kick. Elbows by Diabate to the side of Fletcher’s head. Takedown by Fletcher but round almost over. Bell sounds as Fletcher goes for an ankle lock.
Rd.2 – Leg kicks by Fletcher. Big body kicks by Diabate. Elbows by Diabate while Fletcher holds him standing. Fletcher takes him down. Diabate looking for a kimora and Fletcher escapes. Fletcher pulls a guillotine but Diabate escapses and ends up in side mount. Fletcher gets to turtle position. Elbows by Diabate. Fletcher stands but Diabate takes him right back down to side mount again. Elbows to the body by Diabate. Punches in bunches from Diabate from side mount. Fletcher in complete turtle position. Fletcher is bleeding badly. Fletcher rolls over thinking about kneebar but not even close.
When Fletcher stands up he leaves a puddle of blood and you can see cuts over both eyes and his face is crimson from the blood.
Rd.3 – Left body kick by Diabate. Right, left that stuns Fletcher. Left hand staggers Fletcher. Fletcher shoots in but gets stuffed. Uppercut by Diabate, front kick by Diabate. Fletcher’s face is covered in blood now. Fletcher has Diabate’s head in a guillotine and he falls to the floor with him head first. It looked as though he could have landed on his head but I guess not and Diabate is caught tight. Fletcher lets go. Diabate in Fletcher’s gaurd delivering elbows. Fletcher still receiveing elbows to his bloody face. Diabate is looking to open those cuts up even more. Flether gives up his back as Diabate tries to get hooks in. Bell sounds. Cyrille Diabate wins by Unanimous Decision. Diabate calls out Rafael Feijao.

Fabricio Camoes vs. Sammy Morgan
Morgan from Minnesota. Diego Sanchez in Camoe’s corner.
Rd.1 – Big right hand by Morgan. Big slam by Camoes and fully mounts Sam Morgan. Morgan twists and Camoes takes his back and puts in the choke. Full naked choke taps out Sammy Morgan just like it was pactice. Fabricio Camoes wins by RNC tapout in 47 seconds.
Camoes says after the fight, “Where are the big boys? I want a fight. I want the belt.” Diego Sanchez says, “That’s Brazillian Jiu Jitsu.”

Jared Hamman 203.5 vs. Poai Suganuma
Rd.1 – Left leg kicks by Hamman followed by a left. Hamman lands a right and ends up on the bottom of Suganuma on the mat. Suganuma is on top but Hamman escapes and stands. They clinch. Wizzer by Hamman. They are up and Hamman gets rocked by Suganuma. Hamman looking for an armbar. Elbows by Suganuma while in Hamman’s gaurd. Right by Suganuma but big punches from Hamman connect and Suganuma goes down. Hamman lays on a furious flurry of hammerfists that end the fight. TKO win for Hamman. That’s a big win for Hamman.

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