by: Jack Bratcher

Jason MacDonald vs. Demian Maia (middleweight)

Rd.1 – They both come out trading punches. Maia pulls guard. Maia looking for a triangle. Rogan has already called it over. MacDonald is out of the triangle and takes Maia’s back with hooks in. Maia escapes a rear naked choke attempt. Back in Maia’s full guard. Shoulder strikes by MacDonald. MacDonald postures up and lands some shots. MacDonald has a deep guilatine. Maia is bleeding. Maia escapes and takes MacDonald’s back with rear naked choke in. Wow. MacDonald survived! Amazing! Amazing!
Rd.2 – Maia catches MacDonald with a left. Clinched up. Maia throws some knees then takes MacDonald down. Maia is on top and in full mount. Elbows by Maia. Big punches by Maia. Big elbows. Maia still with the ground and pound. Still in full mount for over a minute. MacDonald hanging on from the bottom. MacDonald pops out but Maia has his arm; he’s out. MacDonald on top now in half guard looking to pass as the bell sounds.
Rd.3 – MacDonald lands a punch and Maia gets the takedown. MacDonald reverses and gets on top. MacDonald’s corner told him not to play this ground game with Maia but he still is. Maia sweeps and ends up in full mount. Elbows from the top. MacDonald gives up his back. Maia still striking from MacDonald’s back. Maia sinks in the choke and MacDonald taps, too exhausted to defend I imagine.

Kenny Florian vs. Roger Huerta (lightweight)

The UFC did a great job building this fight. I loved the clip of Huerta in the Countdown show where he says, “The truth is, I’m never gonna lose.” Even though I don’t believe that, I still loved the way he said it; it was just damn cool. This could very well be one of the best fights of all time.

Rd.1 – Leg kick by Huerta, then one by Florian. Another by Huerta. Florian gets the takedown. Full mount by Florian. Huerta gives up his back. Huerta escapes and is back to his feet. Huerta lands a right. Clinched up. Elbow by Florian. Knees by Florian. Huerta swings and misses. Right hand by Florian. Left hand by Florian.
Rd.2 – Right by Florian. Body kick by Huerta. Kenny is avoiding Huerta’s strikes and kicks very well. Florian gets a takedown and takes Huerta’s back. Florian has Huerta flattened out. Huerta escapes out the back. Leg sweep by Florian knocks Huerta down. But he pops back up. Leg kick Florian. Leg kick by Huerta. Florian with the plum. Short elbow by Florian. A nice exchange as the bell sounds.
Rd.3 – Front kick by Florian that connects to the chin. Florian then gets a takedown followed by a knee. Huerta gets popped in the face, he stops looks to the side, and spits on the ground. He’s “found that nasty place,” Goldy says. Huerta back on his feet. Big knee by Florian. Big left by Florian. Big elbow by Florian misses. Big left front kick snaps Huerta’s jaw and it was loud. Beautiful. Florian so technical. Roger lands a shot. Huerta keeps coming forward as Florian keeps moving away. Huerta slips and falls. Body shot by Florian. Right hand by Florian. Florian gets a takedown and lands a big big right hand. Right punches from Florian smacks Huerta. Huerta just got whipped. Unanimous decision for Ken-Flo.

Rob Emerson vs. Manny Gamburyan l(ightweight()

Rd.1 – Manny comes out swinging big and wild and left himself open. Rob Emerson connects with a right hand right on the chin and Manny goes down then Emerson lands a big left hook that knocks Manny out. Wow. Very impressive win for Rob Emerson. (no Lords of SC jokes either aren’t you proud)

Cheick Kongo vs. Dan Evensen (heavyweight)

Rd.1 – Kongo with three leg kicks. Evensen moving forward looking aggressive. Rampage can be heard cheering and giving Kongo pointers. Big slam by Kongo. Kong o kicking the leg of Evensen while Evensen is on his back. Ref lets Evensen up. Clinched. Evensen has a standing guilatine hold. Kongo pops his head out. Knees by Kongo from the clinch. Kongo working for a takedown and gets it. Kongo in half gaurd but stands up. Ref lets Evensen up. Body kick by Kongo followed by a big right that drops Evensen. Kongo attacks the wounded animal and finishes him off with only five seconds left in the round. Impressive performance by Mr. Kongo.

Rogan says Evensen was outclassed. How can you not like Kongo? He keeps improving on the ground and on his feet. Rogan wanted Kongo to talk him through the replay but I guess Kongo didn’t understand and just walked away. Joe stands there talking to himself and chuckles.

Brock Lesnar vs. Heath Herring (heavyweight)

I gotta tell you, I’m a Brock Lesner fan. Rogan just said “He’s a huge Alpha Male.” That’s fucking funny I don’t care who you are. But it’s true. He reminds you of the old time Viking warriors. He’s basically a bulldozer on legs. I like Herring ok, the guys is very experienced, very slick for a big guy, has a ton of skill but this will be a real test for both of these guys. I would say Lesner needs to take this down and use that ground and pound. He’s too muscular to be a very fast striker while standing. But he’s a hell of a wrestler combined with the strength of Zues and his athleticism can be dangerous. At least Brock won’t have to worry about submissions this time most likely. The fans in Minneapolis love him and are going nuts and he’s why the UFC is here tonight. Herring gets booed as he is announced.

Rd.1 – Herring would barely look at Brock maybe cause the ref poked him in the eye. Big right hand from Brock drops Herring. Now he has Herring in a standing guilatine. herring is bleeding. heath is throwing body shots. Brock gets the takedown no problem. Big right hand from Brock while on top of heath. Big left hand from Brock on the ground. Brock controlling Heath from his back. Big knee to the body by Lesner. Lesner being patient while holding Heath face down. Body shots by Lesner from the ground still. Knees to the body as the bell sounds. Heath was completely controlled.

Rd.2 – Lesner with a couple of punches and a leg kick. Went for a takedown but didn’t get it. Lesner with the takedown now though. Lesner with side control. Herring is surviving and turtled up. Full mount by Lesner. Herring gives up the back and turtles up. Brock pounds the side of his head and holds him down. Big knee to the side of Herring. Huge knees to the body and ribs. Lesner with side control. Herring squirming but can’t get free. herring does stand up though. Clinched. Big knee to the body of Herring that buckles him. herring with some knees. Lesner gets one more takedown as the bell rings.

Rd.3 – Herring’s face is busted up. Lesner is clean and smiling. Leg kick by Lesner. Jab by Lesner. Herring comes forward and clinches up. Knees by Lesner while holding Herring against the cage. Throws Herring down. Big knees to the back of Herring. Herring looking for a kimora but Lesner gets ful mount. Herring squirms and gives up the back. More knees from Lesner on the ground. Herring remains turtled up. Herring stands and throws a couple of punches but Brock immediately shoots and takes him down. Brock on top looking for the mount. Full mount by Lesner. Heath rolls over. As the bell sounds Heath jumps up and swings and Brock looks at him points, does a little dance and laughs at Herring taunting him. Then he throws an imaginary rope around Heath and reels him in. Much respect to Herring for going the distance. Unanimous Decision 30-26 for Brock Lesner. All three judges scored it a 30-26 it seems.

As Rogan is interviewing Lesner after the fight, Lesner grabs the mic and screams, “Can you see me now? Can you see me now?” He then says, “When I fought Frank Mir I fell off the horse. But tonight I got back on that stallion and rode that baby right out of town!” LOL. Lesner definitely is carrying some of that “WWE-type hype-talk” into the UFC. I can see this turning off some people and some may even find his antics a bit disrespectful. Personally, they don’t bother me. He knows if he can rouse some kind of emotion in you, that is the most important thing for his career. Herring is definitely no swollen “cauliflower-ear-gettin’-ready-to-pop opponent.” Ultimately, Lesner’s performance tonight should silence alot of critics if the still has any.

Champ Georges St. Pierre vs. Jon Fitch (for welterweight title)

You know what I like about Jon Fitch? I like the fact he always seems to walk out to the music of one of my hero’s, Johnny Cash. If nothing else he has good taste in music. Fitch looks very intense. Lots of boos from the crowd as he is announced. Of course, GSP gets deafening applause.

Rd.1 – Captain Canada is ready. GSP with the takedown immediately. GSP chants from the crowd. Elbow by GSP. GSP in half-guard. Two punches from GSP. Fitch back to his feet but GSP takes him down immediately. Left punch from GSP. Fitch is on his feet. GSP drops him with a right. Big shots to Fitch’s face. GSP trying to finish. Fitch is cut under his eye. Fitch trying to get up and makes it. Big punches from GSP and Fitch goes down, he’s rocked. big elbows from GSP. GSP passes Fitch’s gaurd for side control. Full mount by GSP but Fitch pops out. Big round for GSP; dominated Fitch but props to Fitch for hanging in there.
Rd.2 – Trading shots. GSP lands a jab. Superman from GSP. head kick by GSP. Fitch with head movement and a body shot. Left jab by GSP. Another jab and two more. Another jab. Big one two by GSP. Fitch lands a couple of blows. Body kick by GSP. GSP shoots but Fitch sprawls it. Left uppercut by GSP lands. Left hand by GSP then a side kick. Bel sounds.
Fitch looked better that round but still think GSP won that one
Rd.3 – Fitch has a grin. Right hand by GSP. Big overhand right that drops Fitch. Beautiful shot by GSP. GSP has Fitch’s back with both hooks in. Looking for a RNC but Fitch turns over and is in GSP’s full gaurd, a place we NEVER see him. Fitch with ground and pound as GSP hangs on. GSP hops out the back door and ends up on top of Fitch, very quickly too I might add. Fitch to his feet. Left jab by GSP. Leg kick too. Leg kick by Fitch. Big left by GSP. Big right by GSP. Big knee and a head kick by GSP. Fitch is wobbly. Big punches by GSP then slams Fitch. Georges really pulled it out near the end there big time. Woohoo.
Rd.4 – How is Fitch still here? he looks fresh. Right hand by GSP. GSP has a cut over his left eye. Big right hand by GSP. Body kick by Fitch. fitch swings with a combo and misses. Fitch shoots in and gets stuffed. Leg kick by GSP. They exchange punches. Fitch has a leg looking for a takedown. Fitch can’t get the takedown and GSP ends up on top. GSP attempts a kneebar as the bell sounds.
Ref is calling in the doctor to take a look.
Rd.5 – Left hook by GSP hits hard. Leg kick by GSP followed by a Superman, leg kick. GSP with a spinning backfist that lands hard. Takedown at will by GSP. GSP on top of Fitch in full gaurd. Big shots by GSP from the ground. Elbow by GSP. Fitch gets back to his feet. Left jab by GSP. GSP gets another takedown at will, simply. Fitch looking for a miracle submission. GSP holding him down. Knees to the body by GSP. Fitch stands and immediately gets squashed. That’s it. They go to their knees in the center of the ring, bow their heads as the Stitch and the other doctor take care of their warriors right there on the floor.

What an awesome sport! Two warriors leaving it all in the Octagon.
50-43, 50-44, 50-44, Unanimous Decision for Georges St. Pierre. GSP’s first title defense! Congrats Captain Canada! B.J. Penn comes into the Octagon and they agree to face each other in the future.

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