We’re starting a new feature here at PRO MMA.  With The Ultimate Fighter continuing to draw in fans, with CBS, NBC, Versus, Showtime and HDNET all airing MMA, there’s a lot of new fans coming in to the sport.  More people than ever before have become interested in what many of us have treasured for years.  With the emergence of the newer fans it’s inevitable that most of them will have missed some of the  most important moments in MMA history.  PRO MMA is going to try and help fill you in on some of those significant events with our new segment called HISTORIC MMA BOUTS.  They will be in no particular order and they will have their own category on the site so you can go any time and watch any number of these HISTORIC MMA BOUTS.

When I thought about starting this segment, this was the first fight that came to my mind.  I’m not sure why.  It wasn’t one of the first fights in MMA but it was definitely one of the most exciting.  This fight took place in the PRIDE organization based out of Japan, which has since been purchased by the UFC.  Specifically, this fight took place at PRIDE 21: Demolition in June of 2002.  It involves Don Frye vs. Yoshihiro Takayama.  Every person who’s been an MMA fan for at least a year or two have seen this fight and if you haven’t you should have and that’s why we’re doing this.  So enjoy.  And stay tuned for more HISTORIC MMA BOUTS!

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