By Kelvin Hunt

Georges St. Pierre vs. Jon Fitch is a dream fight, a fight in which you have a legitimate number one contender against the champion.  Both fighters have beaten some of the best in the world in the Welterweight Division.  Both fighters are incredibly well rounded in every aspect of the game.  Let’s take a closer look at how each fighter can win this fight.

Keys To Victory:

  • GSP-Utilize striking, keep it standing or take Fitch down and control him…avoid Fitch’s takedowns.
  • Fitch-Pressure, Pressure, Pressure, and get takedown if/when it presents itself…win scrambles

I think the difference in this fight will be a battle of positioning in which GSP will control.  GSP is the more polished striker and has the edge in adapting his wrestling for MMA.  He should utilize his striking to set up takedowns if he wants to take it to the ground.  If he decides to take Fitch down, I can see GSP dominating the positioning in this fight and winning a decision like he did against Josh Koscheck. 

Fitch is a durable grinder and likes to wear his opponents down with his wrestling and relentless pace.  However, I don’t know if Fitch can take GSP down and if he does get him down I don’t think he can keep him down.  I don’t think he wants any part of GSP standing, so he should look to take the fight to the ground. GSP does like to use a lot of kicks. Fitch should concentrate on catching those kicks and simultaneously going for the take down.

Fitch will need to pressure GSP non stop, in this case an effective defense will be his offense.  Fitch will need to create and win the scrambles like he did against Diego Sanchez.  However, GSP is bigger and just as quick as Sanchez so that may prove to be difficult as well.

While I think this will be a competitive fight, I think GSP is just better all around than Fitch.

GSP via Unanimous Decision

Georges St. Pierre will face Jon Fitch Saturday, August 9, 2008 in Minneapolis, Minnesota at UFC 87: Seek and Destroy.  The event will air live on Pay-Per-View and can also be watched via live webstream on Yahoo for a fee.

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