Another Championship for Randy???


by: Shogun Gracie


No not the WAMMA Belt… YET! He is gonna win that from Fedor or Tim Sylvia. But now a record SEVEN TIME CHAMPION*.   OOPS, there goes that damn astrix that has been the hottest new item since the Ipod. The astrix is because he didn’t win the belt but he damn sure helped with the blueprint. For anyone who watched the fight this weekend with Rampage and Forrest, you saw how Randy Couture would have fought the now former Light Heavyweight Champion. Regardless how you feel about the outcome Forrest took a master game plan into the fight courtesy of Randy, and imposed his will against a “rusty”/ “distracted” Rampage Jackson. Both of those things are entirely Rampage’s fault. I believe that Jackson “bought his own bullshit” he started to think he was this amazing Chute Boxe type striker. Quinton is a great fighter, but the first rule I learned when I started my “Talking shit lessons” in my neighborhood was NEVER BUY YOUR OWN BULLSHIT!  Yes,  Rampage you’re a powerful man, Yes, you have the greatest slams ever in MMA, Hell you’re even a powerful striker. However, at the end of the day when you fill out a hall of fame sheet under style you will not put  STRIKER!!! He got wrapped up in everyone labeling him this fierce knockout machine. Yet, when you look at his knockouts, with the exception of Chuck Liddell, it’s alot of guys who you fight to boost your knockout ratio: Ikuhisa Minowa, Masaaki Satake, Alexander Otsuka, Marvin Eastman. When he has fought strikers like Wanderlei Silva, Mauricio Shogun Rua, Ninja Rua (lost a split Rampage) Murilo Bustamante (lost a split dec. to Rampage).  Bustamante isn’t even a striker; he is a Jits guy but he knocked out Minowa at Bushido 9. I know this fine art of talking shit from my college, and arena football days. I will tell you whatever gets a reaction out of you. But in my mind I know I still must play to my strengths, and prepare myself by working on my weaknesses. Quinton, why aren’t you evolving on the ground? And nine months since your last fight is a long time in MMA especially with the rapid rate UFC is pumping out PPV’s. Never checking the leg kicks? As a striker, the first things you learn is to not get struck. Now we know with the current situation between the UFC and Couture we wont hear about how much Randy helped prepare Forrest. But as a Fan and a Fighter, I loved watching Forrest use what he was taught. Keeping his cool even when he got in bad situation. Bad situations that Quintin would have had a lesser man looking at the lights. Conversely, Rampage was a class act in defeat and may have gained a larger fan base with his first class attitude towards the loss, and for that I tip my fitted cap to him because Rampage has a lot of great fights ahead of him. Along with the Master of game plans, Forrest had another ace up his sleeve. On the other hand, this Ace can came back to KICK HIM IN THE HEAD LITERALLY. Wanderlei had to give his input on what to do with Rampage. The Axe Murderer beat Quinton twice and by the way this monster division we call 205 is looking, Wanderlei may get a chance to three-peat. How long will Forrest be champion? How long will Randy give his master game plans away? How long before Xtreme Couture is the Mecca of MMA? All great questions but just like a Puerto Rican on parole… Time Will Tell…. UNTIL THAT TIME …. LATER PUTOOOOSSSSS

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