It seems Nick “The Goat” Thompson recently read a statement made by one of The Iron Ring trainers, Novell G. Bell, about Kung Fu being superior to MMA.  Those words apparantly irritated Thompson enough to issue a challenge to Novell and in this video we get to hear Novell’s response.   In a recent interview Nick “The Goat” Thompson had with Percy Crawford of FightHype, Nick explains how this fued started betwwen he and Novell G. Bell:

“PC: How did that start up?

NT: Apparently he posted that MMA wasn’t real and that MMA fighters would lose in a street fight to real kung fu practitioners or something like that. I obviously took offense to this and told him to put his money where his mouth was. That has yet to happen (laughing).

PC: Are you really willing to have a no-rules fight with him and put up a little wager?

NT: In a second. It would be the easiest money I would make this year. A hell of a lot easier than fighting Costa.”

Editor’s Note:  Personally, in regards to Kung Fu being or not being superior to Mixed Martial Arts, I look at it like this:  Kung Fu IS a Martial Art, so it can be incorporated into the MIX of an MMA repetoire just like any other form of hand-to-hand combat.  So the whole argument doesn’t even make sense to start with in my opinion because you can’t really separate the two. -Jack Bratcher

One thought on “Iron Ring Trainer Has Some Very Strong Words For Nick “The Goat” Thompson”
  1. completely agree with the editor’s note. I trained kung fu for several years, and now I train mixed martial arts (mainly muay thai, boxing, and bjj). Kung fu could definitely be incorporated into mma, but it would be completely usless, with exception to a few punches and kicks which are already used in mma. kung fu fighters are completely out of their element when fighting good wrestlers and bjj guys who like to take it to the ground. And i’ll put money down that the muay thai champions or pro boxers will beat the crap out of any kung fu master (or practitioner) in a stand up battle.

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