Iron Ring Trainer Has Some Very Strong Words For Nick “The Goat” Thompson


It seems Nick “The Goat” Thompson recently read a statement made by one of The Iron Ring trainers, Novell G. Bell, about Kung Fu being superior to MMA.  Those words apparantly irritated Thompson enough to issue a challenge to Novell and in this video we get to hear Novell’s response.   In a recent interview Nick “The Goat” Thompson had with Percy Crawford of FightHype, Nick explains how this fued started betwwen he and Novell G. Bell:

“PC: How did that start up?

NT: Apparently he posted that MMA wasn’t real and that MMA fighters would lose in a street fight to real kung fu practitioners or something like that. I obviously took offense to this and told him to put his money where his mouth was. That has yet to happen (laughing).

PC: Are you really willing to have a no-rules fight with him and put up a little wager?

NT: In a second. It would be the easiest money I would make this year. A hell of a lot easier than fighting Costa.”

Editor’s Note:  Personally, in regards to Kung Fu being or not being superior to Mixed Martial Arts, I look at it like this:  Kung Fu IS a Martial Art, so it can be incorporated into the MIX of an MMA repetoire just like any other form of hand-to-hand combat.  So the whole argument doesn’t even make sense to start with in my opinion because you can’t really separate the two. -Jack Bratcher

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