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By: The Mad One- Denny Hodge

It’s the Lightweights time to shine again as Dream 5 is right around the corner (July 21st) with the conclusion of the LW Grandprix.  There are some interesting matchups in this one, and if you want to take home the lightweight crown, you’ll have to win 2 fights in one night to do it.  In addition to the LW’s in action, world renowned “Kid Yamamoto” will be back in action against Joseph Benavidez.  I’m going with Eddie Alvarez to win the whole thing (you heard it here), even though most consider Aoki the favorite to claim the Lightweight crown.

The semi’s will matchup American Eddie Alvarez against Kawajiri, and in the other fight, Aoki will go against the very tough Caol Uno.  The winners will then face off to decide the Lightweight Grand Prix Champion.  No word from the official dream website of any other fights on this card at this time other than the “Kid Yamamoto” fight.  We will post more updates as the event gets closer, and take a closer look at each of the fighters and their matchups.  Here are the matchups in a snapshot:

Eddie Alvarez vs. Tatsuya Kawajiri (Semi final bout)

Shinya Aoki vs.  Caol Uno (Semi final bout)

Winner of Alvarez/Kawajiri  vs.  Winner of Aoki/Uno (Finals)

Showcase bout:

“Kid Yamamoto” vs.  Joseph Benavidez

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