“Batman Returns”


By: The Mad One-  Denny Hodge

Everyone is waiting for the new batman movie, and it looks like it will be a huge hit.  I for one will be going to see it just like I did Ironman and The Incredible Hulk.  The UFC has their very own “Batman” and his name is Pellegrino.  Kurt is a wildman, sporting pink hair, sometimes purple, and usually displaying questionable breakdancing moves.  Win or lose, Kurt Pellegrino is one of my favorite fighters.  The reason is simple, he’s a tough guy that always comes to fight.  You won’t catch him running from opponents, dodging action or anything remotely close to those scenarios.  What you will see is a fighter with great boxing skills, serious wrestling credentials, and world class jiu jitsu.

More than anything though Kurt is just a hardworking tough guy that brings his batman lunch pail to work everytime he steps into the Octagon.  From his war with Joe Stevenson (with a broken hand), to his fight with Crane where he sported a quarter sized hole in his mouth that you could see his teeth through, to the thrasing of Nate Diaz (until he fell into the triangle), Pellegrino always comes for war.  Kurt recently posted in his blog that he should return to UFC action in September which should land “Batman” in Atlanta for UFC 88.  There is no word on his opponant at this time but whoever it is knows good and well that they will be in for a long night.  Kurt also said that he is awaiting the opening of his new gym back in Jersey which surprised some, considering his long run with “The Armory” in Florida.

Kurt has been a busy man since his loss to Nate Diaz, and reported training with Miguel Torres at his gym, and up at Kenny “Ken Flo” Florians camp.  Pellegrino showed his respect for both of these tough fighters in his blog and even gave Miguel Torres the nickname “Robin”.  I for one look forward to the return of “Batman” in September and can’t wait to see who his opponent will be.  Check out Kurt’s blog, and while you are there grab a shirt or leave a comment at www.kurtpellegrino.com.

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