Nick Diaz responds to critics about not making weight and the incident at Elite XC

Here’s a great interview with Nick Diaz by Mauro Ranallo of The Fight Network.  Mauro is the best in the business and asks Nick all the right questions.  Nick talks about cutting weight and the incident with K.J. Noons at the Elite XC: Return of the King event in Hawaii.  There was a near riot at the event and Diaz was right in the middle of the whole thing.   It’s very interesting to hear Nick’s side of the story and if he has been reprimanded for the incident.  He also admits his brother Nate, threw a water bottle at one of the guys in the cage.  Nick also talks about something that happened the day after.  All this sets up perfectly a rematch between K.J. Noons and Nick Diaz for the Elite XC 160lb. Title.   This is classic Diaz.   And by all means if you’ve never heard Mauro Ranallo (the best in the biz) on satellite radio where he can let it all hang out, do yourself a favor and listen.

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