It Seems Like The World Wants a Piece of Kimbo: Jeff Monson & Matt Lindland Challenge Kimbo!


First we get to see Matt Lindland give his thoughts on Kimbo.


Then we get Jeff Monson straight up challenge Mr. Slice.  Now this would be an itriguing fight I would LOVE to see.  Please Please Mr. Gary Shaw……Please make this fight happen!!!!!!!!

10 thoughts on “It Seems Like The World Wants a Piece of Kimbo: Jeff Monson & Matt Lindland Challenge Kimbo!”

  1. the funny thing is kimbo would get his ass kicked by both of them no problem…where is dan quinn when u need him

  2. “I figured the best way to get a hold of him is on YouTube since I know the fucker doesn’t read.”

    Damn, that’s a lowblow! It’s probably just hype to make the fight happen though.

  3. Jeff Monson is a beast he can out wrestle Kimbo and submit him

    im not saying i like kimbo or smt and i dont think he hits hard but renember EVRYONE got a punchers chance!

    To people who think kimbo is da man the youtube fight he gots was VS easy bums who was fat and in bad shape

    tank abbott is a legend but his not that good kimbo slice hasent fought anyone and he dont eveen deserve lindlan or monson but i would like to see them break him appart

  4. lol……….whats up with all these dudes……..kimbo couldnt handle monson…….it’s like a high school calling out the bully in grade school. crazy

  5. so let me get this straight cause I am a slow starter….

    Matt Lindland who started in 1997 is 20 and 5 with fights against such greats as Fedor,J Horn Q Jackson and Pat Miletich can beat Kimbo. no way really.

    Monson who started pro around 1998 is 24 and 8 with fights against Barnett, Rizzo, and Tim Syvia can also beat kimbo slice, wow thats hard to believe

    So who else thats been fighting for ten years against the worlds best can beat kimbos 3 fight record after training for what a year and a half.

  6. These guys are calling Kimbo out because they can’t stand the fact that this newcomer (to MMA) is getting all this attention when he hasn’t yet accomplished much. Personally, I think they should ignore him and let him have the spotlight–it’s not Kimbo’s fault, he’s just taking what’s been given to him. Kimbo admitted he has lots left to learn. Monson and Lindland, both very accomplished in the sport, shouldn’t bother with him. They’re above that.

  7. Mr.Monson should go fight the Monster. Lindland should stop fighting for the time being, isn’t he a lwamaker now? Lindland, go pass some laws barring street thugs from achieving the American dream! Why did Kimbo sign up to fight another nigger like him in Rogers. I mean, that boxer he fought could take a lot of damage but he was too slow for Kimbo, just look at his fight with Remy Bonjasky. What’s he going to do against Rogers, take him down and use elbows to cut the guy up? Kimbo would not have gone for the ear was it not for Bas Rutten. That guy sucks, he lost to Shamrocks, told Kimbo to blast this guy’s ear, wanted Crocop to beat Emelianenko ’cause he, himself, couldn’t have done it in his prime. I know Emelianenko’s no-attitude sucks but he’s got the best wrestling in MMA, that’s why he wins. No, double – and single-leg shoots suck, just ask Fujita about his fight with Crocop. MMA has become global, but will there ever be heavyweights like Fedor, Antonio, and Fabricio again in the same time span. I doubt it. People should ask Arona to fight Emelianenko again; if they don’t, they’re really stupid ’cause this is a jiu-jitsu guy, not a wrestler like Coleman, Randleman, and other wrestling cans Fedor beat. Why is Fedor taking a rematch with Crocop again? It’s just stupid: Choi-Sylvia-Couture-Crocop in 12-month time span. Does he not consider either one having a chance of beating him? Why is his brother fighting cans all over the world for the last two-three years?

  8. Alright. So I think Kimbo should train at least for a year on his ground game before he tries to fight someone of Monsons caliber. From Kimbos first 2 fights, he shows that against someone with a great ground game, he would get destroyed. The top heavyweight grapplers are in a totally different league than all the other heavyweight fighters out there. Kimbo is just starting off. If you put Kimbo in the UFC right now, he wouldn’t get far. I’m not saying that he’s a bad fighter cause he is a strong guy and has a lot of potential. He just need a lot of work all around and more fights with good fighters. But as of now, I don’t think his name should be thrown out there with the best. Cause all thats gonna do is anger some of the best and end up defeated and embarrassed.

  9. Good comments “The Beast”. I agree. No one has caused so much division and talk within the mma world than Kimbo Slice. He’s a marketing goldmine and he’s being used by these promoters (gary shaw) to cash in. Personally, I think Kimbo should just work on his cardio 1st and foremeost, then his ground game and submissions, and lastly, kicks and strikes. If he can stop smoking and get his cardio up to par he would be much more dangerous. I just hope he can one day he can become a well rounded, well respected mixed martial artist (before he gets too old).

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