by: Jack Bratcher

According to a Yahoo Sports exclusive by Kevin Iole, Lorenzo Fertitta, the president of one of the most successful casino chains in Las Vegas, resigned his position with Station Casinos on Wednesday to work full-time with the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Lorenzo Fertitta and brother Frank are some of the most successful businessmen on the planet and have been featured in Forbes Magzine as among the world’s wealthiest. The majority of the Fertitta’s wealth has stemmed from their casino empire although they also owned a large portion of the UFC along with Dana White. So it’s a pretty huge deal when a billionaire such as Lorenzo Fertitta quits his post as president of the Stations Casino chain and decides to devote his full time to help the UFC expand into international territory, which seems to be what his main focus will be. Apparantly the UFC has become so successful that this move for Lorenzo Fertitta became necessary.

The progress that Dana White has made for the company mostly by himself has been enormous, so it becomes almost mind-blowing to think what could be accomplished with Fertitta now on board full time. Lorenzo’s wife expressed her thoughts to Dana along those same lines, “The two of you together is scary.” From what they are saying, the UFC sounds like they are preparing for global domination with plans to hold events in Russia, China, South Korea, Japan, and Brazil.

Maybe the UFC could be the key to world peace. Foreign countries don’t always understand the language of diplomacy but every man on the planet can relate to fighting, struggle, and competition. Sports and the Olympics have already been a great way for countries to come together; maybe the UFC andd MMA could be the next step in that evolution. Who knows? After all, White is now saying this thing is gonna be bigger than the NFL.

For awhile there, rumors were floating around about the UFC being up for sale but it looks like with Lorenzo Fertitta now on board they are in for the long haul. That should be good news for UFC fans because you never know what to expect when new owners and management come in. The nerves of many an MMA fan were worried at the thought of a Vince McMahon taking over the UFC. Thankfully, that’s not the case. So from the looks of the current situation, MMA fans should be able to expect smooth sailing for years to come from the premiere Mixed Martial Arts organization in the world. There’s plenty of little puppies out there nipping at the heels; but there’s still only one Big Dog in this game.

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  1. hmmm, does he not trust dana, or does dana have such a bad rep that international companies do not want to build a relationship with him. Either way, this means big things. Either way it’s TRU that this will be good for mma

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