Here’s a new interview with Dana White from June 18th on the Opie and Anthony Radio Show. He talks about some of his early beginnings, a little about Tito, and also says if Chuck can beat Rashad that he will probably get a title shot. He has some interesting things to say about Shogun. Dana also talks about some similarities and differences in the UFC and WWE. He goes on to say James Thompson was one step away from a corpse when he fought Kimbo. LOL. Dana says the 145 pound Urijah Faber would kill Kimbo. Dana says his favorite toy he owns is his Ferarri. He also talks about a beef he’s having with some of his neighbors and how much he has to pay a month to keep his swimming pool after the neighborhood commission said he has to tear it down. If you listen to this it doesn’t sound like they have any plans of selling the UFC and according to Dana, MMA/UFC will be the biggest sport in the world in eight years. Something I didn’t know is that Joe Rogan actually worked for the UFC for FREE in the beginning.

Dana White on the Opie and Anthony Show

2 thoughts on “New Interview With Dana White”
  1. Dana white i a jackass…des he seriously think that Fab
    ould “kill kimbo” he acts like he dont know sit about MMA…i hav lostrespt for hm…but wat doe he care if I lik him or not…bt he is a jackass…ad kimbo never says anyting bad bout no one.he is always HUMBLE

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