Well he did it.  The Iceman has popped the question to his longtime girlfriend, Erin.  The stories of Chuck’s exploits are downright legendary and bordering on mythical.  He’s been called the “Wilt Chamberlain of MMA.”  But it seems he’s finally found “the one” he wants to settle down with. I think the happy couple actually look alot alike. We know Chuck really loves his fiancee because he says so on his Myspace page. Here’s what it says exactly: “About me: I love my girlfriend Erin.”

They do look happy together. Best of luck Chuck!! Don’t forget to invite PRO MMA to the wedding buddy!

One thought on “Chuck Liddell getting married”
  1. lol i won’t hold my breath on that invite. Good story though. He is smart…he made millions the last few years..and now is getting married, so he can get a prenup and keep those millions when they get divorced.

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