Finally, Trigg gets a fight. ¬†According to Mr. Stupp over at “The Junkie,” Frank Trigg has signed on to fight in August at World Victory Road’s SENGOKU 4. No opponent has yet been named for the sixteen and six “Twinkle Toes.” Trigg’s last fight was in December 2007 when he defeated Edwin Dewees in the first round with a beautiful kimora arm lock that nearly ripped the blonde-haired brute’s arm off.

The fans of Trigg, affectionately known as “Triggas”, have been eagerly awaiting months for some kind of announcement from the Kurt Angle look-alike. And while Trigg’s appearance may resemble the injury-plagued TNA rassler and even though Trigg himself has recently been appearing on TNA as guest commentator, make no mistake, this Xtreme Couture warrior’s skills are very much legit. Even though some of these battle-hardened veterans Frank Trigg came up fighting with, such as Matt Huges, have began to stagnate, the same thing can not be said of Trigg. While the old nemesis of Trigg, Matt Hughes, seems to be in a position where the sport has somewhat passed him by (and that feels crazy to say) I don’t think the same thing can be said of Frank Trigg. Hughes, who departed from the Miletich camp and opened his own gym doesn’t seem like he has anyone there to push him and to make him do those extra reps and run that extra mile. There’s probably no one at Hughes’ gym who is better than him, who he can learn from and continuously help him improve and the results of that can be seen in his recent and not-so-recent performances. On the other hand Frank Trigg has gotten with his old wrestling buddy Randy Couture at Xtreme Couture and is humbling himself and submitting himself to the rigorous training and workouts of what has become one of most respected and most winning Mixed Martial Arts training camps in the entire world. The roster of fighters at Xtreme Couture read like a who’s who of MMA bad asses and champions. If what appears to be the case holds up, we could very well see Frank Trigg holding a middleweight belt somewhere by the end of 2008. Trigg is ranked number 7 in the world on Sherdog’s Middleweight rankings.

Although Trigg has a baby due fairly near the fight date, he reported today on TAGG RADIO that after talking it over, his wife gave him the go ahead to take the fight since he hasn’t fought since December of 2007. That’s really great news for all concerned and we hope the little Trigga jr. can hold on to make his debut until poppa gets home with the win bonus.

Also named to be on the World Victory Road: Sengoku 4 fight card which takes place at the Saitama Super Arena in Saitama, Japan, is highly ranked lightweight Takanori Gomi (28-3) . Gomi is expected to headline the August event, though his opponent has not been determined.

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