This is Nate Marquardt at UFC 85: Bedlam piledriving his opponent, Thales Leites. Marquardt lost by split decision.

4 thoughts on “Nate Marquardt will Piledrive your Mother!”
  1. You have got to be kidding me! What sort of roid rage was that guy having that caused him to completely come unglued??? That’s petty backyard crap, not holding to the true spirit of MMA. He should be banned from the UFC.

  2. ^You do kno spikes are illegal, and that was a spike. Marquardt threw 4 illegal blows that fight-Its not Deans fault Judges took that in to account.

  3. Craig, are you serious? “Its not Deans fault Judges took that in to account.” Let’s look at this closely. The final judges score cards were 28-27 Leites, 28-27 Leites, and 28-27 Marquardt. Just to see the baseline, let’s add 2 points to Marquardt on all cards. This reveals that Leites won round 1 on two of the three cards. Marquardt won all the rest. Unanimous decision, Marquardt. Now take off a point for illegal knee in round 2, and the fight is split decision, draw. Finally, take another point (the second penalty–aka the bogus one) from Marquardt. See the impact of Dean’s B.S. call?
    Craig, now Herb Dean isn’t alone. You’re an idiot too.

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