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Saturday June 7, 2008

Middleweight -Nate Marquardt (29-7-1) vs. Thales Leites (12-1)
Second televised fight. Feeling each other out. Nice exchange by both fighters. Both guys are BJJ Black Belts. Thales Leites just dropped Nate Marquardt with a big right hand. Now he has full mount on Marquardt. Nate is holding on to Thales like you are supposed to do when you are fully mounted. Take note Brandon Vera. Nate pushes off Leites to side control and finally gets back to his feet. Great recovery by Marquardt. Clinched against the cage. Leg kick by Marquardt. Big uppercut by Marquardt stuns Leites. Nice round.

ROUND 2 – Nice right hand by Nate. Clinched against cage. Knee by Nate. Marquardt looking for a takedown and gets it but then delivers an illegal knee to the head of Thales Leites. That is very unfortunate. He has five minutes to recover. Herb Dean has called for the doctor. Doctor says he is ok. Thank goodness. Herb is giving him plenty of time to recover and he took one point from Marquardt. Here they go and Marquardt gets another takedown. (tv just went out for four mintues)

THIRD ROUND – Nate just got another point taken away for hitting Thales Leites in the back of the head. Rogan disagrees with the call and says it was the side of the head. If this fight goes the distance those two points could be a huge deciding factor in the fight. They are on the ground now with Nate in a dominant position and Leites looking for a kimora. Leites looks very tired. They are both stalled. Leites gets up and he just got PILEDRIVED by Nate Marquardt. Holy crap I don’t think I’ve ever see that in a reall MMA fight. Oh my god that was crazy.

This was a great fight and because my TV went out I missed most of the second round. So I’m a bit lost here. 28-27 Leites, 28-27 Marquardt, 28-27 Leites. Split decision win for Thales Leities. Those point deductions killed Marquardt.

One thought on “Nate Marquardt loses split decion to Thales Leites at UFC 85”
  1. Keep it up Nate! He would have won the fight in the old UFC where they didn’t have the new kinkdler and more friendlier rules! Nate brought the fight on the old way he used to. It is great to have the old Nate back. Five minutes rest in the middle of the fight for Thales? What’s up with that? Keep fighting Nate. You can beat Anderson Silva too. (as long as you fight this more agressive way.) The new UFC is more interested in selling the sport and getting the approval of the people who are not interested in it anyway.

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