Jenna Jameson was recently in London and spoke with the U.K. website called SKY SHOWBIZ. It seems she has a new reality show coming out. She talks about her new movie Zombie strippers. She talks about Britney Spears and seems to feel like she can relate to her. Of course Jenna talks about Tito Ortiz and how much she loves him and she says the ultimate showing of love is to find a man that you are willing to have his children. She says marriage is just a piece of paper but having a man’s baby is the real way to show your love. The perfect date for her is hopping into bed, watching a horror flick cuddled up with her man. Awww.

Our Chat With Jenna

Jenna Jameson

She’s one of porn’s most notorious stars…

But Jenna Jameson has bowed out of the adult entertainment industry.

We catch up with her in London to chat about Britney, baby plans and life after saucy flicks.

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One thought on “New Interview with Jenna Jameson”
  1. She is as notorious as Bugs Bunny. She’s vanilla. There’s nothing notorious about her in the porn world. Believe me.

    *Marriage is just a piece of paper that allows a man to take your money*

    Really? Is that why SHE is the one still dragging her divorce with her current husband Jay because she’s trying to take his money and what’s rightfully his? Without her current husband Jay and without his money, she would never have had ClubJenna or the money and success that she has now.

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