Bas Says Kimbo Should Have Lost

Bas Rutten gave his thoughts on the Kimbo vs. Thompson fight and was honest in doing so.  He stated that he thought the fight should have been stopped in the second round because Kimbo did nothing to improve his situation during the numerous elbows he took to the head while on the ground.  I respect Bas a lot and this makes me respect him even more.  I said all along that if Kimbo lost fair and square to a vetran, than there is no shame in that; even if it was James Thompson he lost to.


Direct Quote from Bas Rutten

” People ask me if the fight should have been stopped at the end in the second round, I say YES because those are the rules, it should have been stopped because Kimbo didn’t do anything to improve his situation. But I think what made the ref NOT do it was the fact that Kimbo was giving his thumbs up the whole time to let the referee know that he was OK.
This was the refs decission, not Kimbo’s.”  -source:

(the mispelled words are from a quote….not my writing)

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  1. Wow. That is huge! Thank you Bas for being so honest. That is why Bas Rutten is a legend. Even though he trains Kimbo, he calls it like he sees it. I wonder how Kimbo feels about Bas saying that. From what they say, Kimbo was giving thumbs up the whole time he was mounted in the second so I guess that saved him. The cameras didn’t show him doing that though at that time when he was mounted. Good report Tru.

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