Dana White responds to a critic who says our society has sunk to a new low with the broadcast of EliteXC’s display of Mixed Martial Arts on CBS this past Saturday NIght. White agrees that what was shown on Saturday Night with the EliteXC event was “horrendous.”

  1. Dana White is so full of $hite … All of us hardcore MMA Fans know that fight on Elite XC was not a good exhibition of what MMA is actually about … Almost all of the fights were stopped early and pre-maturely … Was that CBS, the NJ state athletic commission or referee Dan Murgiliota? It was probably a combination of all of the above … But Dana WHite trying to say that football is more violent than MMA is a complete joke and a cop-out … I don’t agree with Burwell either … This is not ancient Rome and these guys are protected … If you want to see some real hardcore fighting watch PRIDE Fighting in Japan (before Zuffa (UFC) bought them and disbanded them) … They have way less rules and I wish we could fight under those rules! Its not by mistake that ALL of the best UFC fighters are former PRIDE fighters!! The best MMA fighter in the world is Fedor Emilinanko and he WON’T fight in the UFC!! He is fighting for rival startup organization Adrenaline MMA against Tim Sylvia (former top rated UFC heavyweight) in July on PPV …

    Elite XC is really a decent organization and I do think they have some of the best fighters in the world … The problem is most of them are standup fighters and unproven fighters … Not all of them but some of them … I really like Cung Le , Robbie Lawler, Antonio Silva, Gina Carano, Brett Rodgers, Kimbo Slice and the legend Frank Shamrock …

    I would LOVE to see an event of Elite XC vs UFC but Dana would never let it happen … There is no doubt that the UFC has the best fighters but they often put horrible PPV cards on with only 1 big fight … Pride also use to have their fighters have title fights every couple of months … These UFC fighters maybe fight twice a year … Its BS

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