It’s true, Michael Jackson is evidently a fan of The Ultimate Fighting Championship as evidenced by his appearance at UFC 84. Attendees report seeing the King of Pop wheeled into the arena in a wheelchair just in time for the Tito Ortiz vs. Lyoto Machida match with his face covered with a hood and sporting sunglasses. It’s been rumored that Jackson has some financial dealings with a company that UFC owners, the Fertitta brothers, have an interest in.

7 thoughts on “Michael Jackson was at UFC 84”
  1. He was most likely in the wheelchair because he is afflicted by a disease called Lupus, which attacks many different parts of the body (back, neck, arms, legs) and may have had trouble walking at the time.

  2. Poor MJ – he had to be in disguise to get privacy. Imagine the chaos if he arrived without disguise.

  3. Yes, the wheelchair was a part of disguise :) Always remember that Mike is a Master of Disguise… “I could fool my own mother.” He was kinda forced to do that in order to have at least a little privacy, but he also loves it just as much! :)

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