CM Punk furious over this leaked wedding photo

CM Punk is livid over the fact someone leaked a photo from his marriage to AJ Lee. Punk was very adamant that this remain a private affair. Despite the security more than one picture surfaced of them, but this one is the most widely circulated. Maybe it’s because it shows CM Punk happy. God forbid … Read more

Update: Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts not in a coma, briefly jokes with nurses

Times remain hard for former wrestling superstar Jake Roberts. We reported last week that he was on his way to an appearance in Las Vegas when he was rushed to the hospital.  It has been a trying time for Roberts as he’s been hospitalized since midweek. Fomer WWE Superstar Sinn Bodhi has been providing updates … Read more

FRIDAY UPDATE: WWE Legend Jake Roberts unconscious at hospital

WWE Hall of Famer Jake “the Snake” Roberts is currently unconscious in a hospital in Las Vegas, according to Raj Giri of Wrestling INC. Roberts flew to Vegas yesterday for an event but passed out on the plane. He has been unconscious since. An ambulance took Roberts from the plane to a nearby hospital. Giri added … Read more

Another WWE employee gets the axe

Well, ladies and gents NO ONE is safe at the WWE HQ nowadays and we mean white collar executives, too. Alberto Del Rio was canned and that was a pretty significant event in and of itself, but when they start firing VP’s – look the hell out. Remember this post we reported as it happened? … Read more

Kingo Mo ‘Wrestling is harder than MMA’, talks Lesnar, WWE

King Mo, Bellantor 90, Emanuel Newto

King Mo has always been outspoken. In a recent interview with Submission Radio, Mo spoke up about the differences between MMA and Pro Wrestling. He is an MMA fighter and TNA pro wrestler so comparing the two was easy. “Pro wrestling is harder than MMA. Here’s the reason why, in MMA I can avoid damage.”, … Read more

WWE star finishes up his run tonight at Smackdown tapings

It’s common knowledge that Dean Ambrose is off of WWE TV for a while selling an injury he sustained from Seth Rollins curb stomping him on concrete. Ambrose is actually shooting a movie for WWE studios. Alberto Del Rio is also finished due to being fired after smacking a WWE employee. So the roster is … Read more

Watch Dean Ambrose take American History X style curb stomp, reportedly “missing”

Following the American History X Curb Stomp on to concrete from Seth Rollins on Monday’s RAW, Dean Ambrose refused medical treatment, according to a new WWE storyline article on their website. WWE says Ambrose suffered extensive head and spine trauma, which are their typical storyline reported injuries. They also stated that Ambrose is missing after escaping from WWE trainers … Read more

Ronda Rousey and Four Horsewomen help Stephanie McMahon after Summerslam

No they didn’t get involved in the match but Stephanie McMahon did get the foursome of Ronda Rousey, Shayna Baszler, Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafer to help with another challenge. That’s right, the ALS “Ice Bucket Challenge”. I don’t know about you but that looked like all ice and no water. This thing is getting … Read more