WrestleMania Season Is Here!!!!! Fame Black Predicts WWE Fastlane

Daniel Bryan will face Roman Reigns tonight at WWE Fastlane, with the winner punching their ticket to a heavyweight title shot against Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 31. And what will happen between Sting and HHH? Get ready for Fastlane by checking out these predictions from your man Fame Black. Here’s the full line-up for WWE … Read more

WWE gets Undertaker’s WM 31 match right, truly last match

Finally, finally, finally. WWE gets the Undertaker’s final match right. After last year’s stunning defeat by Brock Lesnar we all thought it was curtains for him, but the problem was that the fans were so in shock that we all forgot to applaud him and give him the proper send off he deserved. When a … Read more

Daniel Bryan sneaks in to WM title picture again? Reigns winning?

According to F4WOnline WWE supreme ruler Vince McMahon has supposedly changed his mind about putting Bryan into the main event at WrestleMania 31. This is a replay of last year’s Royal Rumble fan backlash and a replay of  last year’s Wrestlemania. The current plan is to have Lesnar vs. Reigns vs. Bryan, but don’t look for Bryan to … Read more

Seth Rollins account tweets nude of NXT talent, apologizes, fiancee posts his! NSFW!

The best heel in the business today, or at least in WWE is Seth Rollins and he may be in hot water. Even if his Twitter was hacked… Yesterday Rollins Twitter account tweeted out the following: Apparently someone got his phone and thought it would be funny to sabotage his career. With WWE clinging tightly … Read more

WWE Monday Night Raw 2/9/15 live results, updates, video highlights

Tonight’s show opens with Roman Reigns in ring talking about how he won the Royal Rumble and was supposed to go to WrestleMania to challenge Brock Lesnar for the heavyweight title, but the Authority has other plans. Now Reigns is supposed to face Daniel Bryan at Fast Lane, and the winner of that match will … Read more

Diamond Dallas Page in intensive care after emergency surgery

Fresh off a surprise appearance and performance at WWE Royal Rumble 2015 on Jan. 25th, the soon to be 59-year-old Diamond Dallas Page had to undergo emergency surgery this week to clear up a throat condition that cut off his breathing and almost cost him his life. Page posted the details of what happened, along … Read more

It continues, Wand says match with Sonnen WWE offer real

Wanderlei Silva is the latest and greatest WWE rumor. Just a day or so after Chael P. Sonnen claimed WWE approached him, rival Wanderlei Silva said the same. Other sources, including ours say this is just a rumor, but if one of the two was approached it is reportedly going to be Wand. WWE is … Read more