The Ulysses Gomez Experiment: Nerves

This is Ulysses’ final blog before tonight’s fight! Ulysses talks to one of the country’s top-ranked kids wrestling teams about dealing with pressure and nerves before a match and explains the importance of game plans.

Ring of Honor World Champion Davey Richards on his MMA training and pro wrestling career – Exclusive’s Josh Cross talked with Ring of Honor World Champion Davey Richards about his jiu-jitsu training, his professional wrestling career, and if he wants to step in the cage for an MMA fight.

MMA movie review – Jens Pulver: Driven’s Jack Bratcher reviews “Jens Pulver: Driven”, the documentary about professional MMA fighter and the first UFC lightweight champion Jens “Lil Evil” Pulver as he prepares for what will be his final WEC fight.