Cain, defend your title by March or else! Sincerely, Dana White.

Cain Velasquez needs to stop whining about the Interim championship being fought over at UFC 180 on Saturday November 15th. The injured UFC heavyweight champion was supposed to fight in Mexico City against Fabricio Werdum, but after getting injured on October 21, 2014, it was announced that Velasquez pulled out of the bout due to a … Read more

Snap! Chael Sonnen says GSP is better than Anderson Silva

Chael Sonnen does not hold back, especially when it comes to his favorite topic – Anderson Silva. Sonnen spoke to the little brother of Silva’s UFC 183 opponent, Nate Diaz on his podcast recently and he let his thoughts on the better fighter between Georges St. Pierre and Anderson Silva be known. I’ve fought Anderson Silva … Read more

Fans be like, “Damn Holly Holm isn’t fighting Dec. 6”, injury bug

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Holly Holm was the world’s # 1-rated female boxer before leaving the land of  ring ropes, and she is an amazing 7-0 after her transition into MMA. Sadly, she has now pulled out of her much-anticipated UFC debut. Lenny Fresquez, promoter, told the Albuquerque Journal on Thursday that Holly Holm suffered a neck injury in … Read more

Video of Matt Riddle’s first day of pro wrestling training

When Matt Riddle says something we take it with a grain of salt. So when the former UFC fighter said he was going to try and make it in the pro wrestling business it was a no-brainer for us to be skeptical. True to his word, Riddle started his professional wrestling training and it was … Read more

Tim Kennedy blasts Shogun in Tweet, will “eat him up”

Whenever an MMA legend or superstar starts losing their mojo, or more specifically their durability starts to fade, the younger guys smell blood in the water. Right now Mauricio Shogun Rua is bleeding and they can smell it. The same can be said for pro wrestling, really. Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns are currently injured and … Read more

Conor McGregor does best Tony Stark, attends Snoop Dogg concert

Conor McGregor is on fire in terms of sheer celebrity in the MMA world and on the cusp of leaking over in to mainstream media. He is also becoming a wealthy man thanks to bonuses and behind the scenes money grabs. He is Ireland’s biggest MMA star and potentially MMA’s fastest rising one in general … Read more

Bisping unleashes profanity laced tirade on Rockhold in conference call

A now infamous story was told by Michael Bisping about knocking Luke Rockhold out in a sparring session. Rockhold called out Michael Bisping on the validity of the story and in the process really made the Brit mad. Since the fight was made both men have been verbally jabbing the other trying to get a … Read more

Tito ‘I will step on and spit on’ Bonnar, praises Shamrock in video

Stephan Bonnar pulled off one of the cheesiest promos in MMA history when he had a masked man in a suit show up inside the cage to confront his newly minted, trash talking nemesis Tito Ortiz . The masked man stood beside him until he was ready to dramatically unmask. His identity was kept so … Read more

Mark Hunt’s real opponent at UFC 180 is his weight, gas tank

Mark Hunt is one of the most beloved heavyweights of all time among hardcore MMA fans. Charismatic, professional, strong, and technically sound are just some of the traits that endear him to fans. When it was announced Cain Velasquez would have to have knee surgery it was a no-brainer that Dana would not call off … Read more

UFC: Cung Le suspended? Just kidding!

The UFC made a bold move today when they absolved Cung Le of his suspension resulting from tests showing he had HGH levels outside of the allowed range. The tests were taken before his fight with Michael Bisping at UFC Fight Night Macao on August 23rd. posted the announcement on their website and one thing … Read more