Fans pick on Bisping’s first defense by percentage, we disagree

NO. JUST NO. Michael Bisping is a fairy tale champion. After crushing Rockhold in the first round via left hook Larry the fans have been debating his first middleweight title defense. Sadly, it’s not the ideal candidate, and to top it off it’s an undeserving one. Jacare? Nope. Rockhold? Nope. Weidman? Nope. It’s freaking Dan … Read more

Hit or Miss? Top 5 reasons we don’t need a Bisping vs. Rockhold 3 next

Hey, this is Sean McClure from PMN and I’m saying straight up that we don’t need a Bisping vs. Rockhold 3 right away. Today I bring to you the top 5 reasons we do not need an immediate rematch after Michael Bisping crushed Luke Rockhold in the first to take the middleweight title. Injury Luke … Read more

Hit or Miss? 10 ridiculously long UFC title reigns with the least defenses

Anderson Silva held the middleweight championship for 2,457 days and in that time defended the title ten times. That’s once every 245 days which isn’t bad when you consider injuries for the champion and potential challengers. Demetrious Johnson, the current flyweight champion, has 1,353 days with the title and 8 defenses, which is an astonishing … Read more

Lesnar opponent named Monday, Punk fights early fall

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling observer has been on target recently with his information concerning CM Punk’s UFC term. So far Punk has not fought since signing in 2014 and is rumored to be fighting Mickey Gall in his first fight. Meltzer says Fox Sports 1 has a reality show that will air featuring Punk … Read more

WWE backstage talk on Big Cass, Karl Anderson interview

Big Cass has been turning a lot of heads within WWE because of his look and in-ring work. While Enzo Amore was out of action with a concussion, there were many people talking about pushing Big Cass as a future singles star. The big man has been booked to protect him in case they want to separate him … Read more

Hit or Miss? 5 things Faber must do to beat Cruz

It’s the third bout between UFC bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz and Urijah Faber at UFC 199. Faber won the first, Cruz defeated Urijah in the second, and this is the official tiebreaker. This is also the second time the championship is on the line and let’s be honest here, Faber doesn’t fare well in UFC … Read more

Video: Bisping and Rockhold putting in work before UFC 199

Michael Bisping faces Luke Rockhold for the second time at UFC 199 and this time it’s for the middleweight belt. They have had a war of words before the fight, but now they are relatively quiet as they prepare for their bout. Open Workouts for the event happened and here are the highlights. Please like … Read more

Wait what? Rockhold says Bisping harder fight than Weidman

So former UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman thinks that Bisping is “the easiest title fight in the history of title fights”. Wow, that’s harsh man. Current champ Luke Rockhold has faced, who he calls an “idiot” in Chris Weidman at UFC 194 in Dec. 2015 where he defeated him via KO, and then he submitted Bisping the year before that down … Read more

Hit or Miss? Five things Michael Bisping has to do to beat Rockhold

Ladies and gents, it has finally happened. Michael Bisping will get his long awaited title shot this weekend at UFC 199 against Luke Rockhold for the middleweight championship. With his defeat of Anderson Silva, Bisping proved he was still relevant and top 5 in the division despite his detractors saying otherwise. He lost his first … Read more

Mayhem’s latest fight confirms he should quit fighting

Mr. Controversial, Jason Mayhem Miller fought in his first professional fight since back in May 2012. He was originally scheduled to fight Luke Barnatt for the middleweight title. Mayhem missed the 185 pound weight limit by an embarrassing 24 pounds Friday. Mercifully, he was given a light heavyweight bout against a lesser known Mattia Schiavolin. … Read more