CageDivas – Debut Episode

Kim Kasper and Miesha Tate
Kim Kasper and Miesha Tate

PRO MMA ( is proud to bring you the first ever female MMA radio show: CageDivas. Hosted by Kim Kasper, Laura McKinney and Strikeforce veteran Miesha Tate, CageDivas is a radio show for fans, wives, mothers and women fighters to discuss the lifestyle, culture and opinions of the MMA world. On the debut episode the ladies talk about the historic Carano vs. Cyborg bout, Projekt Label clothing, Miesha’s upcoming bout and what drove the trio to the sport of mixed martial arts. This groundbreaking podcast is one of a kind and can only be heard at PRO MMA (

CageDivas is an official podcastof PROMMA.INFO. Download episodes through iTunes.

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