Chuck Liddell talks Dana White and porn stars (video)

Our buddy, Steve Cofield caught up with Chuck Liddell prior to his this weekend at UFC 97 in Montreal. Chuck talks about Dana’s video blogs, his alleged relationship with a certain porn star, and his broken engagement. No matter what, “The Iceman” still rocks. Please like & share:

Chuck Liddell and adult film star Jayden James

Is Chuck Liddell really “dating” this chick? Her name is Jayden James, an adult film star. The guys over at Free Fight Videos tipped us off on this and they have more info about the talented Ms. James. Oh yeah, in case you don’t think it is possible. Watch this whole video or check out … Read more

New Interview with Jenna Jameson

Jenna Jameson was recently in London and spoke with the U.K. website called SKY SHOWBIZ. It seems she has a new reality show coming out. She talks about her new movie Zombie strippers. She talks about Britney Spears and seems to feel like she can relate to her. Of course Jenna talks about Tito Ortiz … Read more