Chris Weidman: No one thought I had a penis until sixth grade

Chris Weidman

UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman has been in some battles during his 13-0 pro career. The 31-year-old Baldwin, New Yorker has been in the cage with the best of them and will face maybe his toughest test to date when he meets up with Luke Rockhold on Dec. 12 at UFC 194. The Champ was … Read more

WTF: Scientists grow vaginas, penises in lab

  Well, technology is amazing. Scientists say that they have successfully grown penises in a lab. The work is being carried out the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine, North Carolina. Earlier this year, the same team of researchers declared they had successfully grown vaginas in a laboratory and implanted them into four teenage patients. One can only … Read more

Kyacey Uscola: “They bit through my urethra”

While TUF 11 cast mate and blogger Kyacey Uscola was filming this season’s “The Ultimate Fighter” in Las Vegas, he was attacked by a couple of Pit Bulls. Uscola said the dogs ran up on him and instead of being smart and running away, he tried to take them on and started swinging. Being … Read more