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What happened to Frank Mir?

Frank Mir hates Brock Lesnar. That is fairly evident. He believes Brock broke some unspoken ethical “code” that martial artists are supposed to live by after his win at UFC 100. For some reason this “code” excuses Mir from repeatedly ... Read More »

Kimo victim of legendary troll job

One of the biggest troll jobs in recent memory was pulled off today when UFC veteran Kimo Leopoldo was pronounced dead from complications associated with a heart attack. As most troll jobs do, the rumor began on a well-known Internet ... Read More »

DREAM 10 press conference

Even though the DREAM 10 press conference took place in Japan and the announcers speak Japanese, a few of the fighters speak English so there is a little something here for everyone. This should be a great night of fights. ... Read More »

Floyd Mayweather trashes MMA

Here’s “Pretty Boy” Floyd Mayweather trashing MMA once again. He basically says MMA was created by white men who couldn’t box. Someone needs to lock him in the cage with Lyoto Machida for ten minutes. Read More »

INSIDE MMA 7-03-2009

Three of the world’s top trainers, Shawn Tompkins, Greg Nelson, and Ricardo Liborio join Bas and Kenny on this week’s show. Ron Kruck has a laugh out loud Kruck’s Corner that you will watch if you aren’t too chicken. Part ... Read More »

MMA LIVE 7-02-09

Pat Miletich joins the MMA Live crew to help begin the breakdown of UFC 100 and UFC cutman ‘Stitch’ Duran joins the program to talk about the art involved in being one of the best in the business. Read More »

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