UFC heavyweight Soa ‘The Hulk’ Palelei announces retirement

Thirty-eight-year-old heavyweight knockout artist Soa “The Hulk” Palelei (22-5 MMA, 4-3 UFC) has announced his retirement from mixed martial arts competition. Palelei made the announcement on social media Monday: “I want to take an opportunity to officially announce my retirement from the sport of Mixed Martial Arts. Thank you to the UFC, Dana White, Lorenzo … Read more

WFE is back, Bully gets KKO’d in 12 seconds (Karma Knock Out)

I love it when bullies fail. They were an unfortunate source of grief for me growing up. It wasn’t until I started learning judo and taekwondo that girls started noticing me and bullies never bothered me again. Hard to pick on someone who can kick you in the face and knock you out in front … Read more

Here we go again: Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller jailed for alleged assault

Jason “Mayhem” Miller, MMA veteran and host of the now defunct “Bully Beatdown” show on MTV,  is back in jail after allegedly assaulting a police officer early Friday morning with a deadly weapon according to a new report from NBC channel 4 in Los Angeles. Miller was arrested after police were called to a residence at the 26000 … Read more

Watch Rampage Jackson play Grand Theft Auto 5 live on Twitch

Former UFC light heavyweight champ Quinton “Rampage” Jackson is back on Twitch (user: Rampageishuman) live streaming his heists and exploits from GTA V. Tune in as the heavy-handed MMA legend mixes it up with fans and gamers while he plays. And once he gets a few drinks in him and starts calling fellow fighters or … Read more

Why is FOX reminding us they are the home of the UFC?

A short video was released on the UFC Youtube channel a couple of days ago entitled “FOX Sports 1: Home of the UFC”. FOX Sports 1 has been the home of the UFC since the company inked a deal in 2011 and aired the first UFC event on November 12, 2011. The deal was reportedly … Read more

Flashback: Bob Sapp’s greatest beatdowns were to him

Bob Sapp (11-17 MMA) has never been the greatest fighter. In fact, he’s never been a good fighter. A freak show match participant at every event I will admit he was fun for a while, but we quickly found out he was just that, a freak of nature. It wasn’t his skills that made him … Read more

Scary: Rousey will “kill” next fat shamer

  Ronda Rousey is a physical specimen. She is fit and full figured at the same time. How is that even possible universe, how. We don’t know, but we thank you. Ferocious, focused, and determined she has proven she is the best female fighter in the world. The UFC bantamweight champion has crushed anyone in … Read more

QQ: Rampage wants to fight Bisping the “traitor”

  Rampage is at it again and this time it is on Twitter! He shared with his fans that the UFC stopped him from leaving MMA and that he’ll have news on his next fight soon. In a recent Twitch session Rampage went ballistic at the mention of Michael Bisping. F@#$ Bisping, he’s a f#@!$in’ traitor. I … Read more

Gross! MMA fighter craps all over the cage during fight (VIDEO)

Well, whaddaya gonna do? Maybe not go to a chili festival before your fight next time, that’s what. MMA fighter “The Brown Bomber” Travis Wolford dropped piles of poop around the cage over the weekend during his fight at Ruckus in the Cage in Beckly, W.V. His opponent hopped on a guillotine choke and well, … Read more

Flashback: Nick Diaz video rant on karate

Let’s face it there are two types of people who follow Nick Diaz. Fans who defend him and fans in the closet that are too embarrassed to admit they love him. Nick is serving a five year suspension from MMA for marijuana use and his name has been on the lips of sports stars, celebrities, … Read more