QQ: Rumble says Bader deserves 10% “boring” tax

Anthony “Rumble” Johnson is anything, but shy. He destroyed Gus and Lil Nog in devastating fashion and his confidence has soared. Even though he lost to Daniel Cormier and failed to land the LHW championship in the process, he is far from done. Ryan Bader faces Rashad Evans next, but Rumble doesn’t see Bader as … Read more

UFC Free Fight: Arlovski vs. Browne from UFC 187

In preparation for Andrei Arlovski’s fight with Frank Mir on September 5th the UFC has offered up his impressive TKO win over Travis Browne at UFC 187 for free. UFC 191 will play host to the Mir fight that serves as the co-main event to Demetrious Johnson vs. John Dodson. Relive Arlovski’s amazing scrap with … Read more

Check out this long in-depth interview with Paul Heyman by CBS

“Ladies and gentlemen…My name is Paul Heyman…” Legendary intro by a legendary sports entertainment figure. Paul Heyman is a pioneer with his heading up the ECW back when wrestling was peaking. He is a legendary commentator no matter where he was working. Heyman is also one of, if not THE greatest manager for pro wrestlers … Read more

Sonnen says Silva’s defense was “silly”, wants to fight

In case you have been living under a rock – Anderson Silva’s defense for popping for banned substances pertaining to the Nick Diaz fight was hilarious. He claimed he was taking a drug from another country for sexual performance reasons. Come on Anderson. Just own up. Fellow banned substance user Chael Sonnen agrees with me. The … Read more

QQ: Rory Mac said Dana was wrong, knew what year it was

Rory MacDonald had an amazing fight with Robbie Lawler at UFC 189 that ended in the 5th round via TKO. Lawler won the fight by essentially pounding MacDonald’s nose back in to his face. It was such a war that no one truly lost, especially the fans. After the fight Dana White made some comments … Read more

MMA Myth Busting: Mayhem Miller Edition

Jason “Mayhem” Miller  is famous for one thing – his mouth. He made his UFC debut against a future legend in GSP so that loss was forgivable. What was not forgivable was his gradual progression in to insanity. Fans have long said Miller was the next big thing, just one fight from greatness. The fact … Read more

Wait what? McGregor opens as odds on favorite over Aldo

I am living in a UFC alternate dimension. Anderson Silva got knocked out, Rafael Dos Anjos is lightweight champion, TJ Dillashaw destroyed Renan Baroa, and Fabricio Werdum finally become HW champion. Four or five years ago these weren’t predictions anyone made other than the fighters themselves. Then comes our next revelation. Conor Freakin’ McGregor opens … Read more

Tim Kennedy trashes Reebok, No response from UFC

Tim Kennedy was on the MMA Hour and as usual he was in rare form and outspoken. This time it was about the Reebok sponsorship because hey, no one is talking about that right? It was pretty scathing. Where the sport is now, it’s horrible, tragic, and pathetic. Glover just fought OSP, right? The entire Reebok payout … Read more

Jose Aldo says God is his protective equipment

Jose Aldo received some harsh criticism from UFC president Dana White after he was forced to pull out of his fight with Conor McGregor at UFC 189. Aldo injured a rib during training and White was quick to blast the situation on social media and in the press. In July Dana White told Jim Rome: … Read more

GSP goes off on the UFC, “I don’t need this anymore”

Well, it’s happening. Dana and the UFC brass have been on fire lately in terms of coming down hard on anyone who speaks out with a negative opinion on things the UFC does. Specifically, Reebok. See the firing of legendary cut man Stitch Duran for a good example. The latest to speak out is none … Read more