Brendan Schaub discusses Justin Wren’s addition to Grudge Fight Team

Justin Wren with Brendan Schaub at Grudge Training Center.

The Ultimate Fighter: Heavyweights finalist Brendan Schaub was on Wednesday’s TUF 10 Finale conference call and fielded questions from the media on a multitude of subjects.

Being that TUF 10 cast member Justin Wren was one of the most talented fighters in The Ultimate Fighter house (and had blogged for us this entire season), I was curious to know how he ultimately ended up at the same gym with Brendan (Grudge Training Center in Colorado), how they benefit from one another, and what it has been like training with him.

Here is what Brendan had to say about his training partner Justin Wren (at the 27:00 mark if you want to hear it):

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TUF 10 Finale video extravaganza – interviews with Kimbo, Alexander, Schaub, Nelson, Hamill, Jones, Mitrione, Big Baby, Edgar, Veach

Kimbo Slice and Houston Alexander prepare for a battle – A fight between two ex-street fighters will ensure excitement at TUF Heavyweights Finale on Saturday Dec. 5th at 9pm on Spike.

More main card fighters share their thoughts after the jump…

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Kimbo Slice vs. Houston Alexander – TUF 10 Finale video preview

Kimbo Slice will fight Houston Alexander this Saturday night on Spike TV as part of The Ultimate Fighter: Heavyweights Finale under card. He wasn’t able to make it to the finals of The Ultimate Fighter, but he is still being given a shot to see once and for all if he can compete with UFC-level … Read more

TUF 10 Finale conference call audio & quotes

TUF 10 Finale takes place at the Palms in Las Vegas on Saturday, Dec. 5, and airs on Spike TV at 9PM ET/PT. participated in today’s The Ultimate Fighter season 10: Heavyweights Finale conference call featuring finalists Roy Nelson and Brendan Schaub, along with Kimbo Slice and Houston Alexander, who will also be fighting on the card.

Whether it be from the weight cut or something else, Kimbo seemed a bit agitated with the many of the questions and did not seem to want to be on the call, especially at first. Comparatively, the other fighters seemed in good spirits.

One of the call’s highlights was when Kimbo was asked if there was any fighter he could model himself after, who would it be. Kimbo said, “I’m a grown man. I can’t say nothing like that. All the fighters who are good.” It was a funny moment that had his opponent laughing. You can hear this and all of the fighters’ comments on the audio below. Also, there are some notable quotes after the jump.

TUF 10 Finale conference call (audio):

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Brendan Schaub to face Roy Nelson in TUF 10 Finale this Saturday night on Spike TV – fight card now complete

Brendan Schaub vs. Roy Nelson will fight to determine who wins a six-figure contract with the UFC.

Well, that’s it folks. The Ultimate Fighter: Heavyweights final episode, a two-hour special, aired Wednesday night on Spike TV. They teased us with a possible Kimbo Slice come back until the very end, but he did not fight again after losing to Roy Nelson earlier in the season.

The first fight of the night was Matt Mitrione vs. James McSweeney. Mitrione looked tough on his feet but McSweeney choked him out with a guillotine, and advanced to the sem-finals.

Next up was Marcus Jones vs. Darrel Schoonover. Most people considered Schoonover a serious threat coming into this fight. Evidently, Jones was not one of them. He took Schoonover down early, there was a scramble, and Jones ends up knocking Schoonover out from inside his guard. It was a big win for the NFL veteran.

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The Cageside Beat December 3, 2009: TUF 10 Finale and current news in MMA

Join Brian and Mike Thursday December 3 at 10 PM ET for the newest episode of The Cageside Beat, brought to you by the Radio Network.  Brian and Mike will be discussing this weekend’s TUF 10 Finale as well as current news in MMA. This episode is brought to you by Silver Star, the … Read more

Kimbo Slice’s future revealed tonight on Spike

Find out what happens to Kimbo Slice tonight on Spike.

Internet sensation fuels speculation on his UFC fate

Las Vegas, NV (USA) – The much-anticipated two-hour finale of Season 10 of The Ultimate Fighter® airs tonight at 9pm ET on Spike and the world will learn which two fighters will compete for the six-figure UFC contract at The Pearl at The Palms Casino Resort this Saturday night. Of equal importance, millions will tune in to learn the fate of Internet legend and knockout artist Kimbo Slice.

The subject of much debate since joining The Ultimate Fighter® in September, Slice has attracted audiences far and wide, all eager to learn more about the bearded 35-year-old. Most are asking the same question of tonight’s broadcast: will Slice get another opportunity to fight on the show?

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TUF 10 sneak peak: the best for last

There was no The Ultimate Fighter: Heavyweights this week on Spike TV, because next week will be the two hour final episode of season 10. There will be a total of four fights on next week’s episode, and from the look of this preview, anything could happen! The doctor tells Scott Junk he may never … Read more

Kimbo Slice’s first official fight in the UFC to take place on Spike TV December 5

Kimbo Slice still may fight again on TUF 10. Regardless of what happens on the reality show, he will be in the Octagon on Dec. 5.
Kimbo Slice still may fight again on TUF 10. Regardless of what happens on the reality show, he will be in the Octagon on Dec. 5.

New York, NY, November 23, 2009 – Kimbo Slice, the wildly popular mixed martial arts heavyweight and member of the cast of “The Ultimate Fighter: Heavyweights,” will fight for the first time in the UFC live on Spike TV Saturday, December 5 at 9:00pm. Slice will appear in a bout on “The Ultimate Fighter: Heavyweights” finale fight card emanating from The Pearl at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, NV.

Slice’s opponent will be announced at a later date, pending on what transpires on the special two-hour “The Ultimate Fighter” episode on Wednesday, December 2 (9:00-11:00pm ET/PT). Despite suffering a loss in episode 3 to Roy Nelson, Slice has the opportunity to return to fight on the show if a cast mate is injured and compete for the coveted title of “The Ultimate Fighter.”

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