UFC Ultimate Insider airs Thursday on UFC.com

Hosted by UFC Octagon Girl Arianny Celeste, UFC’s New Series Brings Fans Behind-the-Scenes of the World’s Most Exciting Live Sport Las Vegas, NV (USA) – Continuing to set the gold standard across all forms of entertainment, the Ultimate Fighting Championship® leaps into the world of weekly web shows with the “UFC® Ultimate Insider™”, which airs this … Read more

Ultimate Fighting Championship introduces new web-only series “UFC Ultimate Insider”

The UFC has put together a new weekly web-only program entitled “UFC Ultimate Insider”, and the first episode debuted on Thursday. The 30-minute news show is hosted by every one’s favorite Octagon goddess Arianny Celeste, and the girl does a pretty damn good job. The debut episode takes a look at the breaking news within … Read more

New Joe Rogan podcast 7-27-10 *VIDEO*

UFC color commentator and comedian Joe Rogan is back with his weekly podcast. His guest this week is one of his oldest friends Bryan Callen. Callen is an actor and one of the original sketch comics on MAD TV. He has also appeared on such shows as Entourage, Law and Order, and Las Vegas, to name … Read more

Jason “Mayhem” Miller blames Nick Diaz for Strikeforce brawl, calls him “retarded”

Miller: “Yeah, I said it. I feel like he was a driving factor in that whole thing. He was the first guy to throw a punch. He started the whole thing. It’s almost not his fault, because he’s retarded.”

Joe Rogan podcast with guest Jason “Mayhem” Miller *VIDEO*

Jason “Mayhem” Miller was the latest guest on Joe Rogan‘s podcast. When these two characters get together it is pure entertainment. They talk about everything from Miller spawning the Strikeforce brawl to Bully Beatdown and everything in between. Enjoy. Please like & share:

Hangin’ backstage with Joe Rogan *VIDEO*

Fanhouse’s Ariel Helwanni chats with the comedian and UFC color commentator about topics such as how he got his job with the UFC, his relationship with Mike Goldberg, if the job ever gets old, Fedor’s loss and much more.

Joe Rogan talks 2012, DMT, sensory deprivation tanks, and the nature of reality *VIDEO*

If you have never heard Joe Rogan discuss the nature of reality you are in for a real treat here. If you have heard him talk about philosophy and reality then you already know how intelligent the UFC color commentator is. Some people may hear the things Rogan talks about and it means absolutely nothing, … Read more

The Voice vs. Joe Rogan – an in-depth look at MMA’s most beloved commentator *VIDEO*

Australian combat sports commentator Michael “The Voice” Schiavello sits down with MMA’s most famous color commentator, the UFC’s Joe Rogan. This is one of the most in-depth looks at the comedian/commentator/BJJ Brown Belt/Tae Kwon Do Black Belt/philosopher that has ever been produced. And it’s definitely the most interesting. Schiavello is known for commentating such Japanese … Read more