Report: War Machine attemps suicide in jail

Wow. Can’t say I saw this one coming. But where do you go after what he just went through just put that girl through. According to TMZ War Machine tried to hang himself in a Las Vegas cell this week: War Machine tried to kill himself in his Las Vegas jail cell this week … … Read more

Was Tony Stewart at fault in death of Kevin Ward Jr.? *Video*

NASCAR’s Tony Stewart was involved in a crash that killed another driver named Kevin Ward Jr. on a dirt track in upstate New York. In the video below, you can see Ward Jr. crash and then get out of his car to walk toward oncoming traffic and looks like he is pointing towards Stewart as … Read more

Josh Barnett wants to rip off his opponent’s head and drink their blood on national TV

With Barnett’s recent signing to Strikeforce, he is back in a position and among a level of heavyweight talent, where he can make the biggest positive impact on his career since his days in PRIDE.

Trouble in Abu Dhabi

According to an MSNBC report, Sheikh Ahmed bin Zayed al-Nahayan, 41, has died in a glider crash in Morocco. He was the younger brother of the ruler of Abu Dhabi, who is also president of the United Arab Emirates. Sheikh Ahmed was the managing director of Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA), one of the world’s largest … Read more

Brock Lesnar discusses Mir’s death comments

UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar discusses the comments Frank Mir made about hoping he becomes the first Octagon-related death. Brock pokes fun at Mir about his wife apologizing for him, and also says he hopes Mir defeats Carwin, so he can try and shut him up once and for all. Please like & share:

Bob Shamrock dies at 68 – Father to Ken & Frank Shamrock

Bob and Ken Shamrock

January 14th, 2010 – Bob Shamrock, the father of legendary MMA fighters Ken Shamrock and younger brother Frank Shamrock passed away today Thursday, Jan 14th at 2pm at the home of his eldest son Ken – surrounded by friends and family.  Ken Shamrock and his wife Tonya brought Bob to their home on Saturday after a long term battle with different health complications due to Diabetes – Bob was 68 years old.

Bob is best known for opening up his home in Susanville, CA to literally hundreds of defiant and hardcore kids.   Ken Shamrock (then Ken Wayne Nance) was 13 years old when he arrived at the Shamrock Boys Home in Susanville, CA – Ken at the time was in trouble with the law for strong armed robbery among other things.

“I just watched Ken’s eyes when he first arrived, because this was my home. It wasn’t some business place where I came on from 8 til 5 – it was my home, and the house was really big, we ate well, we had a swimming pool, and all those kinds of things. It was a lot different than the other group homes he had been in.” Bob Shamrock

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Kimo Leopoldo: Jesus Christ of MMA Industry

IRVINE, California (July 23. 2009) – “Jesus Christ took three days to come back from the dead,” a joking Kimo Leopoldo said, “but it only took me a few hours to be resurrected. I am the second resurrection. The funny part, given the time constraints, was I was almost late to my own funeral.”

As one of its pioneers, KIMO has contributed greatly to the MMA community. He jump-started his MMA career in his first pro fight by issuing a beating to immortal Royce Gracie, who won the match but was unable to continue fighting for the championship. KIMO parlayed that debut into a series of fan-friendly fights, including triumphs against notables such as Kazishi Sakuraba, David “Tank” Abbott, and “Bam Bam” Bigalow. KIMO fought Dan Severn to a draw and he also battled top combat fighters such as Bob Sapp and Ken Shamrock.

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Kimo victim of legendary troll job

One of the biggest troll jobs in recent memory was pulled off today when UFC veteran Kimo Leopoldo was pronounced dead from complications associated with a heart attack.

As most troll jobs do, the rumor began on a well-known Internet mixed martial arts forum. With the power of the Internet launching this deliberate misinformation, it was not long before such popular news sources as The New York Daily News and were reporting the story as fact.

“I knew I wasn’t dead. So when I was reading this I wondered if I was jinxed or something was going to happen,” Leopoldo told Yahoo! Sports in a phone interview on Tuesday evening.

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TAPOUT leader believed dead (updated)

A red Ferrari believed to be owned by Charles Lewis, Jr., also known as “Mask”, of the famed MMA apparel company ‘TAPOUT’, was split in half early this morning as it slammed into a light pole that was reportedly knocked into the road by a hit-and-run vehicle. The female passenger in the red Ferrari was taken to the hospital, however the driver, believed to be Lewis, was killed in the accident. PRO MMA ( will update this story as soon as we can confirm indeed the driver was Charles Lewis, Jr. as is being rumored. The possibility that the driver of the red Ferrari was “Mask” was brought to our attention by sources close to the colorful ‘TAPOUT’ leader.

UPDATE: (2:29pm CST) Sources close to the TAPOUT crew have indeed confirmed that the driver of the red Ferrari was indeed “MASK” (real name, Charles Lewis, Jr.) and that he was killed in the accident. Our hearts and thoughts go out to the family and friends of Charles Lewis, Jr. The MMA world and the world in general will definitely be a less colorful place without him. You will be missed “MASK.”

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