QQ: White says McGregor to return at 200, praises him

If you do not like Conor McGregor you will hate this news. Dana White stated recently on ESPN’s Russillo and Kanell that despite a second round loss to Nate Diaz at UFC 196 the Irishman is ready to go. He wants to jump back in there, and he wants to fight again. We’re working on who … Read more

Luke Rockhold not sold on Romero or Bisping challenging

Luke Rockhold

Luke Rockhold finally showed the world he was top flight when he crushed Chris Weidman for the UFC middleweight championship. Before that he trounced a man who just scored his biggest upset by beating Anderson Silva, and possibly claimed a shot at Luke’s gold. That man is Michael Bisping, but Rockhold isn’t exactly pumped about … Read more

From the Editor: What a UFC 196 weekend

My instincts about the Nate Diaz vs. Conor McGregor fight proved to be correct. The range, height, weight and ground game of Diaz was too much for the outspoken Irishman who went from Mystic Mac to gettin Stockton slapped. Who went from proverbial ivory towers to a suite at Circus Circus, figuratively speaking of course. … Read more

McGregor’s ego exclaims he’s the best P4P in the world

Just when you thought Conor McGregor couldn’t talk any more trash – WHAM! This time it is at Jon Jones’s expense. Jones is widely considered the most  talented fighter in the world of MMA. He was forced to relinquish his light heavyweight belt for actions outside The Octagon, but when he is in there ready … Read more

Bisping responds to Nick Diaz’s criticism of London bout

UFC's Michael Bisping

Nick Diaz is at it again and this time he seems a little bitter that Michael Bisping could do what he could not in beating Anderson Silva. Nick’s comments were claims that Bisping was knocked out at the bell in the third round and was later gifted the fight because he was in familiar territory … Read more

UFC 196: Frankie Edgar calls BS over offer to fight McGregor

Conor McGregor will now face Nate Diaz at UFC 196 instead of lightweight champion Rafael Dos Anjos. The fight was reportedly offered to Frankie Edgar after Dos Anjos pulled out due to a broken foot, but Edgar also declined citing his own injury. Anthony Pettis and Cowboy Cerrone were clamoring for the bout, but Dana … Read more

QQ: Rogan disses CM Punk signing

Many, many people are polarized by CM Punk’s signing with the UFC. After leaving WWE in memorable fashion he took up Dana White on an offer to fight in the MMA big leagues. There are admittedly more detractors than supporters right now, but Joe Rogan surprises us all with a rare diss. I don’t understand … Read more

McGregor wants East Coast, ‘lion’s share’

Spoiler alert. Conor McGregor talks alot. The UFC featherweight champion, Irish hero McGregor spoke with Severe MMA about the money to be made in the UFC. He is probably the company’s number one draw right now and he knows it. Check out what he said about the dollars he believes he deserves. That’s all horseshit, … Read more