VIDEO: Chris Jericho and Lance Storm’s legendary 80′ cringe Rock America segment

When Lance Storm and Chris Jericho went their separate ways way back when and then they reunited in Smoky Mountain Wrestling for one of the most cringe-worthy segments in wrestling history. They were The Thrillseekers and Jim Cornette set them up with a music video that is totally 80’s and totally awesomely bad. Please like … Read more

WWE Monday Night Raw 3/27/17 live results and video highlights

Tonight on Raw Goldberg and Brock Lesnar will have one final face-to-face before WrestleMania 33. We’ll find out if Seth Rollins will sign Triple H’s Hold Harmless Agreement. Bayley and Sasha Banks will battle Charlotte and Nia Jax. Chris Jericho has unfinished business with Kevin Owens. Also, we’re left without a Raw General Manager as … Read more

WWE Monday Night Raw 3-20-17 live results and video highlights

Welcome to tonight’s live coverage of WWE’s Monday Night Raw for March 20, 2017. REFRESH PAGE OFTEN FOR LIVE UPDATES! – RAW General Manager Mick Foley opens the show and announces he’s taking a leave of absence after being forced to read from prepared indexed cards. He rips up the cards but they cut his … Read more

VIDEO: Chris Jericho and Chael Sonnen on Brock Lesnar backstage antics

In this video, Chris Jericho of WWE fame and MMA legend Chael Sonnen discuss a backstage fight with Brock Lesnar. The backstage antics of Lesnar is not news, but this is a great discussion between two funny guys. Please like & share:

Real Jericho, Sin Cara fight story sounds right

Sin Cara and Chris Jericho were a part of an incident on a WWE tour bus this past weekend. The RAW crew traveled from Leeds, England to Glasgow, Scotland and sometime in between the fight started when Jericho confronted Sin Cara about annoying the rest of the bus by making “noises”,  Apparently it ended with … Read more

Jericho apparently in another backstage fight and gets KO’d?

Chris Jericho and Sin Cara are RUMORED to have been involved in a backstage fight during one of the WWE live events in England this weekend. Remember this is a rumor and sounds a little untrue in our opinion. At Sunday’s live event in Leeds, Sin Cara defeated Curtis Axel and Jericho ended up losing a … Read more

WTF: CRAZY backstage fight between Jericho and Lesnar at SummerSlam

This is a report from credible sources, but that does not mean it is 100% factual. Well, Chris Jericho is one of the bravest men on the planet. At SummerSlam in Brooklyn, Brock Lesnar brutally cut open Randy Orton in the main event and WWE has a strict no blood policy. Backstage when Lesnar came … Read more

WWE Monday Night Raw 4/4/16 live results, updates, video highlights

WrestleMania 32 is in the books and we’re back with Monday Night Raw from Dallas and all the fallout. We’ll have live updates and video highlights of all the action.

WWE Monday Night Raw 3/28/16 live results, updates, video highlights

Welcome to PMN’s live coverage of Monday Night Raw for March 3, 2016. Here’s a few things we might learn tonight (per Who is the true authority in WrestleMania’s main event? To what extremes will Ambrose go to slay The Beast? Are we approaching The Undertaker’s final WrestleMania? Will Jericho accept Styles’ challenge? How … Read more