Could Hong Man Choi be the next MMA “freakshow” to hit the big time?

Hong Man Choi & Brock Lesnar
Hong Man Choi & Brock Lesnar

Not so long ago many thought that Brock Lesnar was just another MMA sideshow who was brought in to boost pay per view buys and ticket sales.  Now, he has become rather respectable due to his victory over MMA legend Randy Couture.  Those who compared the former NCAA champion to Kimbo Slice have been forced to eat at least a little taste of crow.

Back in the summer of 2007, Lesnar was set to make his debut against another freakish athlete , Choi Hong-man.  Of course, the California State Athletic Commission did not let him fight due to a tumor in his pituitary gland, and Lesnar was forced to debut against replacement fighter Kim Min-soo.  At 7 ft 2 in and weighing over 330 lb, it is safe to say that Hong-man would have provided a much stiffer test.

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