I’m dreaming of “DREAM 4”

With all the talk of recent and upcoming UFC events, and the blockbuster Fedor vs. Sylvia matchup with Affliction, it’s easy to overlook the upcoming middleweight grand prix this Sunday live from Japan that is Dream 4.  The card has ... Read More »

The Legend That is Dan Quinn

[youtube=http://youtube.com/watch?v=UgEFa0hFaA8] Dan Quinn Calling out Kimbo Slice.  He is the inventor of stevia cold fission and played LB for Notre Dame.  Lets put it this way..I don’t think Kimbo Slice wants any part of Dan Quinn. Read More »

NFL LIVE even talking about MMA now

This past week has been the biggest week in Mixed Martial Arts history.  More people are talking about the sport than ever before.  Yesterday when chatting with a co-worker about Slice, I hear a voice from behing me, “You mean ... Read More »

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