TNA just produced one of the most cringeworthy TV segments ever – and it’s awesome

Remember when Matt and Jeff Hardy ruled the world? It was the Attitude Era in the WWF and they were high flying fan favorites. Now, well let’s just say they are embedded in a much lesser product in TNA. Recently, TNA produced a contract signing video in which, without spoiling too much, Matt Hardy plays … Read more

WWE backstage talk on Big Cass, Karl Anderson interview

Big Cass has been turning a lot of heads within WWE because of his look and in-ring work. While Enzo Amore was out of action with a concussion, there were many people talking about pushing Big Cass as a future singles star. The big man has been booked to protect him in case they want to separate him … Read more

5 BIG WTF things from WWE Extreme Rules

It’s no secret that the WWE Universe is getting anxious about the WWE championship still sitting around John Cen…I mean Roman Reigns’s waist. That being said, last night’s WWE Extreme Rules special event provided some good, and some bad WTF moments to counterattack a little of the frustration. #5. Rusev is the new United States … Read more

The position of WWE on loathed Roman Reigns is baffling, JBL hate, still muting

Last night we literally saw the birth, or afterbirth of Super Cena 2.0 in Roman Reigns. At WWE’s Extreme Rules, Roman kicked out of every single finisher AJ Styles gave him. He kicked out of the Bullet Club’s finisher, he kicked out of Styles Clash, and Styles Clash on a chair, and so on to … Read more

Former UFC fighter Seth Petruzelli talks about working for WWE

Seth Petruzelli  has been working as a striking coach at the WWE Performance Center for about six months and he recently spoke with FOX Sports about the job. WWE performers needing to learn how to strike realistically: “A lot of guys asked about that, too, and that was one of my main concerns. Like, these … Read more

KO possibly hurt at WWE live event

Kevin Owens may have suffered an injury towards the end of his reportedly outstanding match against familiar opponent Sami Zayn at Sunday’s WWE live event that took place in Columbia, South Carolina. Sami Zayn ended up winning the match with a Blue Thunderbomb maneuver, but as soon as it was over, referee Charles Robinson made … Read more

Hit or Miss? 6 things WWE must do right now to save their product

WWE is struggling right now to make the right moves. As much as they are portraying that they are on the mend they are failing to click with fans every week. The Network has subscribers because we want the real wrestling programs archived within. We want to see exciting TV during the Attitude Era. PG … Read more

TNA Wrestling desperate for good PR, WWE pushing pro Reigns signs on fans?

Ladies and gents wrestling is backwards right now. Let’s start with TNA, shall we? It’s no secret that TNA wrestling is in bad shape. Most in the business attribute it to Dixie Carter’s unwillingness to step aside and let others take over. Carter’s name has become synonymous with the downfall of TNA. Once on Spike … Read more

5 times John Cena abused his backstage pull to bury popular wrestlers

John Cena the man – great. John Cena, WWE character – awful. Cena’s been a mainstay on WWE TV for far too long. His character has turned in to a shameless marketing tool that comes to the ring wearing a merchandise booth. Because he sells so many items that kids gobble up the WWE continues … Read more