Del Rio arrested again

On Friday, Austrian news website KRONE reported that after an indie wrestling show in Leoben, Austria there was a brawl involving Alberto Del Rio. He and his brother El Hijo del Dos Cara went nuts at a local after hours club after leaving the event. Del Rio was released from police custody and twenty four hours later … Read more

Merry Xmas: Broken Matt Hardy sings 12 Days of Deletion

Merry Christmas PMN loyal readers! One of the most refreshing characters that emerged in 2016 was “broken” Matt hardy.  Off-the-wall accent, crazy demeanor, and just an insane air about everything he did made it awesome. Check this video out of him singing “the 12 days of deletion”.   Please like & share:

Inexpensive ways to enjoy your sport

Sports fans everywhere love to have clothing that represents their teams. The best secrets to getting your favorite sports teams on your house items and clothing are quite simple. These secrets save sports fans money and satisfy the urge to represent their teams and athletes they adore. Save Your Money Go to your local sewing … Read more

WWE Sting is hilarious in Cowboys ‘Intimidation Coach’ skit

Sting’s run in WWE was a disguise for a WCW burial if you really look at it from a Vince McMahon point of view. The WCW equivalent of Hulk Hogan and arguably more popular during the NWO era, Sting is well known to mainstream fans. The Dallas Cowboys produced a video with Sting as an … Read more

Wade Barrett opens up about WWE experience and future

Former WWE superstar Wade Barrett spoke with Sports Illustrated recently about his run in WWE. He had little to no control of his character and most fans will agree that the “Bad News” gimmick was gaining momentum. As WWE has done in the past it seemed they intentionally scrapped the gimmick once it was popular … Read more

Booker T running for Houston mayor

WWE Hall of Famer Booker T just announced his intent to run for Mayor of Houston, Texas in 2020. The announcement came during his “Heated Conversations” radio program on Saturday night. The show airs on Sports Radio 610. “You heard it, 2020 I’m preparing,” Booker said. “I’m preparing myself to run for mayor of the city.” … Read more

Ric Flair predicts odd match at 2017 Wrestlemania

Ric Flair just predicted a booking that at this time makes zero sense to anyone. Last year we had a slow, plodding match between Shane McMahon and the Undertaker but I will admit that the jump off the top of the cage was a spectacle I enjoyed. This year Flair is predicting a match that … Read more

Watch Samoa Joe train with UFC vet Josh Rafferty

Watch NXT champ Samoa Joethrow hands with UFC vet Josh Rafferty. Good pre tour session with @joshrafferty. Keeping those hands right when things go wrong?. — S.J. (@SamoaJoe) November 29, 2016 Please like & share:

VIDEO: Goldberg decimates Lesnar in near record time last night

Survivor Series 2016 was a great show with a lot of twists and turns and one hell of a shock ending. The matches leading up to the much hyped Goldberg vs. Lesnar were so good that it is our belief that Vince made the call for a squash match with Goldberg going over. The last … Read more