Number Freaking: The 5 gimmicks that foreshadowed today’s WWE woes

WWE is struggling to stay relevant. They are so out of touch with what fans want that they are scrambling to do something, anything to make people watch again. They pulled the “Brand Split” card again and that alone should tell you how ignorant they are in terms of what we want to see. Using … Read more

Cesaro’s post RAW interview is possibly better than Punk’s pipe bomb

Cesaro was allowed to speak his mind after Monday’s RAW, or was he? Was this a work? Was he supposed to own WWE’s nepotism by blasting their focus on a boring, annoying Stephanie McMahon? WWE is fixated on storylines about people co-existing and it’s tired. So, Cesaro took to the mic after the draft and … Read more

Hit or Miss? 3 terrible ways Brock Lesnar’s dual USADA failures impact WWE and UFC

Brock Lesnar won, and then lost all in the same few weeks. He beat Mark Hunt soundly, but then he allegedly tested positive for estrogen blockers just like Jon Jones did prior to being removed from his bout with Daniel Cormier. Estrogen blockers are often used to mask steroid use according to Chael P. Sonnen … Read more

Big lawsuit against WWE filed, WWE responds

It appears that the rumored lawsuit against WWE regarding the health of former WWE employees has actually been filed. Bloomberg reports that WWE is being sued by wrestlers who claim that the company essentially hid long-term effects of neurological injuries from years of in-ring action. It was filed Monday in federal court in New Haven, Connecticut, and … Read more

Brock’s failed drug test attributed to ‘Advair’ claim debunked

So rumors were flying everywhere about what Brock Lesnar popped for on his failed pre-fight UFC 200 USADA drug test thanks to a post on forums. Someone with the screen name D2allamerican58 claimed he had inside information on Brock Lesnar’s failed drug test. Many big news outlets picked this up and ran with it. Sane … Read more

Shocker: Brock Lesnar allegedly fails UFC 200 drug test

Former UFC heavyweight champion and current WWE superstar Brock Lesnar has long denied his Herculean physique was the result of steroids. He’s walked out of interviews for being questioned about it, and prior to UFC 200 he made the statement, “I’m a white boy that’s jacked. Deal with it.” Now it has come to light … Read more

Brock Lesnar back in the top 10 heavyweight rankings after win over Mark Hunt

The UFC heavyweight rankings got a little shake-up after UFC 200, with the most surreal change being Brock Lesnar’s introduction at No. 8, while his opponent Mark Hunt dropped from No. 8 to No. 9. Brock Lesnar, the former UFC heavyweight champ and current WWE superstar, back among the UFC’s top 10 heavyweights? You got … Read more

Tonight’s WWE RAW preview, Lesnar appearance rumor

The big question about tonight’s WWE RAW is whether or not Brock Lesnar will appear. There were RUMORED attempts to coax Lesnar to appear after his suprisingly dominant win over Mark Hunt at UFC 200 on Saturday. The momentum and buzz surrounding “The Beast Incarnate” is sizable and no one can blame WWE for trying to … Read more

Report: WWE copying TNA Hardy storyline, TNA rebounding?

TNA is making a comeback?  Wrestling Observer Radio reported that more than a few WWE Superstars received an advance copy of the footage of what is being called a buzzworthy TNA match / segment. It is a match between Jeff and Matt Hardy taking place on the Hardy compound that culminated from this insane, strange, and so … Read more