Anderson Silva says Chael Sonnen never deserved a rematch, gives him “benefit of the doubt” on steroids

Before he tested positive for steroids following UFC 117, Chael Sonnen had been awarded an immediate rematch against middleweight champion Anderson Silva.

Jake Shields explains American Jiu-Jitsu and why he wants to fight Georges St-Pierre *VIDEO*

Jake Shields says there are some Brazilians who have told him he could never be a black belt because he’s never trained in a gi. But Shields says he will tap most of them out with his non-black belt.

Wanderlei Silva gives Chael Sonnen a lesson in respect *VIDEO*

Wanderlei Silva can appreciate the pre-fight trash talk Chael Sonnen used to hype his fight with Anderson Silva. However, Silva felt he crossed the line when he disrespected the Nogueira brothers.

Dana White says Josh Barnett will never fight in the UFC, Todd Duffee needs an attitude adjustment, and there’s more to the Chael Sonnen story

UFC President Dana White weighs in on all the latest UFC happenings in this pre-UFC 119 interview he did Thursday in Indianapolis.